Deal Alert: Jetbeam BC40

I'm not sure, how long this deal will last, knowing DD practices ...but anyway, maybe someone will grab this light for much less than retail:

use coupon: Xmas10 SAVE13OFFBR

This makes this flashlight for 45.99$ 39.69$ shipped

I don't understand what you mean... When I wrote the first post the original price was 55.99$ ...and it still is 55.99$ as I'm writing it now.

Now, if you apply the above mentioned coupon it goes down to 45.99$. All is clear.

There was discussion in "DD Nov group buy" about this light, where people mentioned it was offered for 44$ on another website, which everyone agreed, was very attractive price. Two bucks more it's still very attractive, taking into account, that this is Jetbeam flashlight and it uses efficient constant current circuit (as opposed to some crappy PWM or DD circuits in budget lights), XM-L led on pure copper MCPCB ...and has some nice accesories bundled together. Maybe it's not state-of-the-art flashlight on the market, but still nice and simple model anyway.

I agree, very good deal. I've just ordered a P2a from DD and am trying to resist the V10a right now as well though..

Thanks for the heads up. I would definitely get one if I had not ordered 8 lights in the past two weeks. I would still get it if I hadn’t got another easy to carry sized 2x18650, Shadow TC6 and a FandyFire STL-V2 thrower. I once had JetBeam’s BA20. It wasn’t the best built light but it was simple and powerful. I guess so would BC40 be.

Price is now $39.69 with SAVE13OFFBR coupon!!!

Maybe you can add that to your title. and more people will jump in!

S*** man, do i really need another 2 x 18650 in series flashlight? This one is 45mm class like Shadow TC6 (mine is 4C tint). I already have 8.

LMAO! 8 already..

That coupon code actually works..! The others didn't for me though.

When I went to pay through paypal the price reverted to the $52 one and not the $39 price. Don't know what is going on :/

Oh no! sorry to hear that...

better to beware!

I continue on with Paypal and it still shows $39.69. That's a pretty darn good deal if you're looking for something like this. However, I am not

Remember to use "Secure Checkout" option !!!! Not Standard checkout.

Worked for me ...I just ordered it and paid 39.69$.

No I used secure checkout. After refreshing the page a few times it finally picked up the discount in Paypal. Had to log in a few times though. I really don't need this light but I ordered one in any case. Think it will make a great flashlight for my future 4X4 :p

That's the mark of a true flashaholic! Sealed

That is a good deal.

Thanks, got one for less than $40. I almost use up my 2012 flashlight budget. I still have not buy the Balder se, mcu-c88, any solarforce light, drop-in for my mini-mag mod, bio 14500,16340 batteries. Look like I will be working on Christmas and new year day and night for my " hobby".

I bit too....


You are buying a torch for a vehicle that you, as yet, don't own.....

You're definitely in the right place, here at BLF. :)

Hahaha...I blame you for setting such a great example :p

Yeah I'm hoping if everything goes well then next year around June I will have my 4X4 but this was such a great deal that I just couldn't pass it up. I Mean seriously, $39 for a Jetbeam BC40....? Great Deal for such a versatile flashlight...! :D

it's okay so far... :)