deal blackweb 2600 mah power bank $2

and best of all?
a real samsung 26j cell inside!
these are being clearanced.
sorry i got all 8 the York commons store in vandalia oh had.
looks decent.
all mine are metallic pink.$2 is worth it to strip for projects.stays in usb spec at 1a

the 26j tested exactly 2600mah@1a on my triton.first time i have seen that.most cells are a bit under and very rarely a bit over.

Do you have a Walmart item number for it so I can call some local stores and see if they have any in stock?

bwa15wl103 pink
upc 681131119559

I just checked a Walmart in So Cal - the only power supplies they had were pink or camo and $9.88.

Man I knew it I knew I messed up. I saw these as soon as they went on sale at the Walmart closest to me. I grabbed one just to rip it apart and test what was in it. Things like this aren’t usually too promising. So I kind of took my time and got around to tearing apart and testing it maybe 5 days later. Once I saw that it was a decent cell I went back to grab the rest because it was about 20 of them, all bright pink. Every one was gone. Leasing left for the black ones for $4 each. This is maybe 3 months ago and I haven’t found one for $2 since. Missed a decent buy for a decent capacity. Just over $200 per kWh, not mind blowing but not easy to come by. But then there’s the added benefit of all the left over pink plastic.

I never saw them locally. I almost always buy our anything on clearance that can still be easily sold.

Wish I had found them...

I use this website to check my local Wal-marts: