Deal alerts for GearBest - Current hot deals - DQG Tiny for $16

probably, or maybe you use the cable to connect it to a 2s battery pack with usb out (probably not, because of usb specifications)
for that price, it is still a good host for a mod

c’mon man, you didn’t really expected a bike light + battery pack to be included all for less than 9$!!!
That not even enough for crappiest, cheapest UltraFire cells that are fake copies of a fake copy.
2$ for emitter,
2$ for driver.
2$ for aluminium casing
1$ for cable
1.xx$ for everithing else indluding free packaging and shipping

and that is it, no room for anything else…
you can buy any external power bank you like to power this light.

P.S. post a regular link (not mobile) so we could see other pictures for this product…

I’d expect a battery for the “Regular Price:$21.34” that this shows, it’s supposedly marked way down.

My guess is that it’s half a product and does need a power supply, but the description is that it’s a USB “charge” cable, which implies something to be charged.
So does the Specification, which says:
…. Rechargeable: Yes ….

Then again, it only shows half of the handlebar clamp, too.

I know, it’s probably bogus, I’m used to their descriptions. I’m betting this is a leftover part.
Just hoped someone knew more about this thing.

(I have a USB battery pack, and enough various handlebar clamps I can make it useful if it’s any good at all as an illumination source)

EDIT, Found a better description here:

EDIT 2: I asked them the question there:
“Description says ”USB Charger” — is there a battery included with this, or is it just a light that needs to be plugged into a separate battery container?
The picture shows what looks like the light housing with a cable ending in a male USB plug —- but the pictures provided show the light lit up — so where is the electricity coming from?”

If this isn’t a good topic for asking about Gearbest stuff, I can start a fresh one for a general purpose q’n’a.

I couldn’t properly ask in the “Deals” topic — that is specifically not open for discussion, and I try to be good.
Oh, I try.

Not so good at it, but hey, Happy Thanksgiving.

I kind of like little AAs but have no idea if this is much of a deal.

Note the promo code, it’s only on the discount page, page down to see it:

$6.49 Shipped UltraFire AT-008 Cree XPG R5 700lm 3-Mode LED Flashlight
ends Dec 31, 2014 07:12:41
Promo code: AT008

The promo code is not displayed on the main page where it’s $7-something

Paging through that gearbest “gadget-deals” page, they have breaks through Dec. 31 on several flashlights people here have liked.
As above, the gadget-deals page has the codes, you have to find them there to get the price break.

$7.29 Shipped COFLY 898 Cree Q5 310lm 3-Mode 14500 / AA Battery Powered LED Flashlight (angle head)
Promo code: COFLY898

$6.49! UltraFire 878 Cree XM-L T6 5-Mode 1000lm 18650 LED Flashlight (cheap zoomie some have liked for the price)
Promo code: GB878

Olight i3S EOS for $17 — code still works although it says expires Nov. 16th, GB13S

done browsing, maybe none of this is exciting, but I’d have gone for a few of these at one time or another.

about that bike Headlight Flashlight, I saw similar (almost identical) products at other shops and would say that it is not a half of the kit (only GB can confirm this ), it’s a product for its own, a headlight that is meant to be powered from rechargeable USB portable power bank so it actually works with 5V input, not 7.4V as they wrote in title. I had several light of this format, although they all had its own battery pack, they work nice, more of a thrower so they are not perfect as a headlight but you can solve this with diffuser film.
First thing I would do is to replace the driver because High-mid-strobe is not my favorite mode arrangement…
As per a regular price vs “discounted” price that has nothing to do with reality and everything with marketing, as if I would say: “I would like to sale Convoy C8, the price is 900$ but I will give you discount of 99%” and when you say: “wow, he give me 99% of discount”…

DQG Tiny 60 CW or NW for only $16.99 with code DQG60 (non-aff)

DQG Tiny Clicky CW(?) or NW for $15.99 with code GBDQG (non-aff)

unfortunately, your code does not work for the twisty nw

edit: DQG60 does work for both twisty cw and nw

Oops. Typo. Fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out! I stand corrected. :)

The funny thing is that I ordered one of each four after posting the deal and still didn't notice the spelling mistake in my post. :D

Opus BT-C3100 V2.1 Li-ion NiCd NiMh LCD Smart Intelligent Battery Charger
$39.09 at Gearbest. EU US

NCR18650B 3.7V 3400mAh 18650 Protected Li - ion Battery $4.49

just yesterday ordered a couple of those from elsewhere…