Deal Extreme "What Happened to Your Order"

I'm sure others of you had to have gotten this same email. I thought the video was hilarious. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Deal Extreme because of how busy they are and because of how backed up they got after taking off for the "Chinese Spring Festival"? Such sad music.

idiots, i won't order from them unless i want it bad and it isn't available elsewhere...which is admittedly too often...

bs..i'll never order from DX far the worst service i've ever received..

I'm there with both of you. I hate ordering from DX, but unfortunately it's sometimes the only place you can find things....

The DX employees have my sympathy. Watching that video, I saw no joy, and the employees seem to be dejected/sad/tired. I'm unaware of the DX management's stance on employee rights and consideration; they may be excellent, and I'm sincerely hoping they are!

I, however, have the misfortune of working for a company based in an asian country bordering China; a country that is known for their overseas help desk call centers. The company I work for is extremely uncaring for their employees. They have no respect for the employee's rights, abilities, or personal property. As I am a contractor living within the United States I have an amount of protection, but I know other countries are not as protective of their workers. I sincerely hope that the DX management respects their employees more than my employer does. I'm certain the employees are working very hard to meet the demands of their employer and our inconvenience as customers is minor compared to amount of work they put in.

I can safely say that I would not wish the job of being a DX picker/packer would not be one I would wish on anyone. Every day packing unrelated items into yellow envelopes by hand, and then shipping them out to the correct customer...

(DX is not my preferred overseas retailer. I have had my share of bad experiences dealing with overseas vendors, DX included. I, however, sympathize with the hard-working employees who get little respect.)

I do not think any of the problems I've experienced from DX were because of any employees who aren't working hard. I'm sure they are worn out and tired etc...

The employees are not the issue here. I just find the video to be irritating in that the company saw fit to show the employees' dejection, sadness and exhaustion that you spoke of in this video in an attempt to persuade their customers into excusing the horrible shipping turnarounds and customer service feedback.

What does their overcommitment/inability to manage order volume have to do with the employee treatment or emotional state?

If you want to apologize for the fact that you can't handle orders efficiently or correctly and can't manage to keep up with customer support.... I understand. Please don't try to make me feel bad for being pissed that I ordered an in stock product from you a month and a half ago that is still saying preparing shipment and haven't gotten a response from customer support in a week.

+1 been there, seen there and experienced it too :).

I would guess it would be much better for these dealers to stop the new orders coming in the holidays rather than saying sorry later on.