Deal Extreme XM-L drop-in Use

Trying to build a real budget XM-L Maglite. (I know, I'm determined!)

I'm thinking about using the Deal Extreme XM-L drop-in sku 58481 here: in a 2 D cell Maglite powered by 2 protected 25500 lithium ions also from DX, sku 26799 here: . I understand the cells are closer to 3,500mAh and that is still higher than using 18650 cells. I also understand the maglite / drop-in will require some modding and I'll have to use a piece of PVC (and spacer?) for the cells to fit.

I just want to hear any input people have on this combo. I think these batteries are the best bang for the buck I can find. Any input on the batteries?

This drop-in seems the cheapest way to get an XM-L in a Maglite, but I am concerned about heat. Can someone who has used this drop-in in a Mag comment? Is there any more I can do for heat besides coat the drop-in with thermal compound where it contacts the Mag's body? Any ideas how long it could run on high this way? I expect most use would come using the "medium" setting and I am guessing the heat output on "medium" to be handled just fine during continuous use. Comments?

Oh, and I was going to order a pack of glass lens from DX (here: while I was at it.

Input, comments, opinions are welcomed.


Garry, I have the same drop-in installed in a 3D mag with the same glass lenses. A great combo, if you ask me. Tons of flood and average throw but not for lighting stuff up at a distance. Mine runs off of 3*18650 cells and it's an awesome setup!

I haven't noticed any heat issues as there is a lot of mass in that drop-in compared to a p60. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I think oldbobk has done a lot of these conversions with no issues. Hopefully he will chime in with any advice he may have. Good luck! You will love it!

Glad to hear! So maybe I can relax a little more about the heat. Yes, I've seen some posts with bobk's work and hope he chimes in.


P.S. - Didn't realize it could run off 3 cells.

I also have the same drop-in in a 3D mag with no issues. Mine runs off of 3 26650's.