Deal is Off Again! - EXPIRED - Duracell Ion-Core AA LSD 4-pack $8.99 + 2nd pack 40% off @ Toys-R-Us

thats a really good deal, they are probably 3rd or 4th gen eneloops that are re wrapped or at least comparable in discharge tests if they are duracell brand

I remember last year target was clearing out duraloop 1st gens (hold charge for 1 year) for around $3.80 a pack… I didnt find any at my store but dchomak hooked me up with 8 packs for around $30 shipped to my door :slight_smile: I top them off every 6 months

Thanks for the alert ada_potato. Ordered some. :)

I first read this thread this morning and found that a deal I didn’t even know about prior was back on.
A couple of hours later my wife handed me some cash and asked me to go to ToysRUS to pick up a toy for ToysForTots. A coincidence?, I think not! The gods are always directing towards the deals. Never mind I pigged out on the Target Duraloop sale last year, I cleaned out every Target in the area and spread them all over BLF. Still have some left too.
Since I was instructed to go there, it wouldn’t hurt to look would it? Here is what I saw.

The price for the AA’s are 12.99, just then a cashier came over and asked if he could help. I told him yeah, I thought these were 8.99 with a 40% discount on the second one. He scanned it and it came up at 12.99. Meanwhile I was checking BLF and found the online link to the 8.99 price and the 40% discount for the second. I asked him if they price match their own online price and he said yes.
I told him I would be right back, that I actually came in for a toy. I grabbed a toy that I know I would have liked if I was a kid and came back to his register. It took him awhile to finagle the price on the batteries, he was basically doing what ever I told him to do and he totals it up and then looks at me and says I can save an extra $9 if I get a ToysRUS card. Next thing I know, I donated $5 of the $9 saved to ToysForTots at the register and i’m walking out of the store with the toy, 2 packs of AA cells, a temporary credit card and the cash my wife gave me still in my pocket :slight_smile:

Why did I do this? …………. Now the explanation:

While at the register, in a moment, in the blink of an eye I suddenly realized that if I buy the Duracell ion core cells I would then have a complete set. The Duracells made in China with the black top, the “Duraloops” with the white top, and now the Duracell ion cores - made in Japan. I know that because I checked. Now I have the full set to test and compare and post to this thread. :slight_smile:
I also realized that by opening a new credit card I could test the free credit protection service that I signed up for, and is being paid for, by Home Depot when they got hacked! I should get an alert from them that a new card was taken out in my name. Got “paid” $9 to do this, and being as generous as I am, 0:) decided to donate just over half of that to ToyForTots. :stuck_out_tongue:

Was all of that brilliant, or am I just hopeless?

If I recall correctly, the duraloops pictured with a black ring on the wrapper are 2.4Ah, made in Japan cells; they do not have a white ring on top like standard eneloops. I suspect they’re eneloop XX cells based on their capacity and load characteristics. I’ve been running a couple in my EDC for about a year now, and they’ve performed very well. Thanks for sharing the link!

—Edit— Fixed typos. I shouldn’t be allowed near a keyboard when I’m tired :weary:

The white top “Duraloops”, made in Japan. 2000 mAh, LSD

The black top Duracells, made in China. 2000 mAh, LSD

The black top ion core, made in Japan. 2400 mAh, LSD

I did a very small amount of testing. It was enough to determine to my satisfaction that this are in fact Eneloop XX. Here is the thread: tested a single Duraloop-XX @ 5A

I’m using all of mine (got 32 of them), I just finally got a few set of of real eneloops recently.

wish there was free shipping on this….or I could get to $49 of AAs (for free shipping)

The point and end result of my too long post above is that you probably can get this deal in the store. In fact I now remember actually seeing the 40% off on the second pack on the display in the store.

These cells really do test out to 2400mAh. I will post my comparison later.

right, but if there was a store anywhere near me…I would have just ordered ship to store :slight_smile:

oh well, looks like deal is dead anyway

No Toys-R-Us?!?

I joined to say thanks for posting this. Long time lurker here on BLF but never had much to say (I have so much to learn).

Got myself a few packs and a couple more for Christmas gifts.

Welcome to the Forum! :beer:

Missed it and I’m starting to see the need for more AAAs and AAs (I lost a 4 pack of the blue/light blue costco eneloops this month and I am constantly losing AAAs it seems.)

~50 miles away…

Sam's Club has these too, but not as good a deal. The packages said made in Japan. The had a charger, 8AA, 4AAA for around $29. They also had these:

Duracell LSD China vs “Duraloop” LSD Japan and Duracell Ion Core Japan
All cells were were charged at 1000mA and discharged at 700mA

The 2 cells on the left are the Made in China Duracell and the 2 on the right are made in Japan

Now the 4 Ion Core Duracells in this thread

Help! Where are you seeing the 40% discount on the second pack?
My cart will only show the $8.99 price X 2. Thanks in advance.

40% off second pack was last week, unfortunately.

2 years in a row I've missed this one ..

Looking forward to missing it next year too.

* Maybe i'll go stare at them like I did last year and have a clueless salesperson shrug at me again .