Deal OVER! Nixeus Revel Gaming Mouse PMW 3360 for $9.99 @ [ships from USA]

Sales link:

I do not know where ships to (other than the U.S.)

Available in black or white.

Sale ends in 2 days for white.

Sale ends in 21 hours for black.


More reviews and info here:

I don't need one, but I ordered one to see what it's like.

(I've been thinking about getting one for a while now.)


Some people complained that the black rubber rubs off of the black gaming mouse, so I ordered white, which doesn't have white rubber on it.

The deal is OVER!


I received my Nixeus Revel gaming mouse today.

It's very nice.

I like my Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum better, but it costs a whole lot more.

The clicking sound for the Nixeus is a bit too loud, and the scroll wheel for the Logitech is nicer.

The Nixeus Revel for $9.99 was an absolute bargain.

I don't use my gaming mice for gaming, though.

(I mainly use them for surfing the web.)