DealExtreme giving me a weird message on my order. Have any of you seen this before?

Thank you for ordering from To ensure the payment was made per your request, further confirmation is required for this payment. please provide us one of the information listed below(click here to see sample):

1. A photo/copy/screenshot of your credit card bill (Any previous purchase is available). The photo/copy/screenshot should definitely show the first 6 digits and last 4 digits of your card number or the cardholder.

2. A photo/copy/screenshot of your credit card. To protect your persoal information security, please hide the CVV2 code, and just show us the first 6 digits and last 4 digits of your card number. (Please refer to our sample picture)

3. A photo/copy/screenshot of your ID card/ Passport/Driving license

You can selectively attach a photo/copy of your Authorization Form(Please access your ticket and download it) with one of the material above.

We strongly recommend you to provide a photocopy of front of the credit card together with your ID card / Passport /Driving license and the Authorization Form, which will accelerate your order.

I've never seen anything like this.... Any input is greatly appreciated.


I always pay using paypal so have never seen anything of the sort from DX. I'd just pay that way rather than disclose any detail I didn't feel comfortable giving out.

You paid using Credit Card!!!??¿¿ instead of paypal¿??¿

Hundreds of orders, nada with PayPal. Isn't that normal? I think its shady to try to force you into Paypal.

Perhaps I will cancel my order and go elsewhere.


The problem is "a problem" with the CC payment, not that they force you to use paypal. Ask them via CSE

I had the same problem once with an AUS betting site. They just wanted to be sure I had the card and was legit. I complained about it so they gave me a free $50 bet. Just use paypal.

I'm going to let this simmer for a couple of days. If they don't straighten it out, too bad for them, they have lost a customer and a potential advocate. I don't just buy for me, I purchase for a retail shop. Life goes on.


While DX is a pretty reputable site, I never even considered using my Visa. I really don't want to hand out my CC# to any of the cheap chinese e-tailers, no matter how reputable. One hack or less-than-honest employee and I'm in for a headache.

Paypal is easier to use and also safer. It's a free choice but if you often buy on internet is the better choice.

Also, you don’t need a Paypal account to use Paypal for credit card payments.

So paypal being extra careful to make sure your account and credit cards aren't being stolen and used by someo oddball hacker in a 3rd world country is a bad thing ??. you didn't have to use paypal you had your credit cards and could just use them to buy what you wanted ..i'm confused .

My guess is people hate paypal because thye get paid all the time and are always taking a cut from you ... been my experiance that the cranky old man doesn't hate computers or a cell phone .. he hates a bill and technology that reinforces that he's actually an idiot ,because he is frustrated and doesn't understand how to use it ...So it just makes him mad he's paying for the insult . same with paypal or ebay

I do not like the way paypal operate at all. I have had several bad experiences with them but they know I need them more than they need me!

I do a lot of online trading and have been on the receiving end of almost every scam in the book. All Paypal is interested in is covering their own backsides at my expense. I could give many examples but this is not the place.

as i understand, you dont want to use paypal to get strengtened them, there is no problem for using your credit card (cc). i had an experience with cc forgery in my tire(tyre) dealership shop, and had some usefull info about cc's after that. You can give the information they asked about. No problem, just dont give your cvv2 info. Malicious people can't do anything without having cvv2. Also, as Devman indicated, reputable sites can't dare to make such bad thing... DX is one of the most biggest selling HK companies as i understand. Instead of having such "black mark" they prefere pay you for your satisfactory. A simple example: Two days ago my order arrived containing Trustfire Z1. But, the o-ring between the lens and emitter was not in appropriate position (see the link)

i sent pictures to DX with a complaint message, and they suggested me fix the problem at a local shop by promising me a 5$ discount for future orders :) as you can see at the link by help of E1320 i solved the problem by myself. And still they have a promise of 5$ for the issue :)

i have my own issues with paypal ... who doesn't ..

that said ..I have a ppaypal account and so does been seen does everyone on this forum except scubadude ron ..I wasn't trying to scare him with paypal horror stories ,,i was trying to say what everyone knows .. get a paypal account backed up by a visa card if you have one ..secondly a mastercard is easier for it . real simple

Visa covers yer butt

This is Visa clamping down on your credit card and demanding verification from DealExtreme. This is not DX's fault.

But I don't believe it was available with DealExtreme. I hunted for it while checking out.

Thank you,


They asked for the cvv2 info up front... A copy of my ID, Passport, ...


They should only ask you for the cvv code during the actual transaction, and not keep it on file. I did notice that they at least asked you to cover it and half of the digits when they asked for a picture of the card (probably because stolen cc#'s are common, but the criminals rarely bother to make a physical card for transactions now)

Personally, I feel dealextreme is a fairly trustworthy retailer... but I don't give out my CC# to anybody if I can avoid it. On the upside, paypal gives me much better exchange rates than my CC, and since it's tied to my CC, I have two levels of disputes, if absolutely necessary.

In the end, it's a question of what you're comfortable with. If you don't feel safe with DX/cc/paypal, vote with your feet. There are _lots_ of retailers, and picking between them based on payment options is just as valid as picking between them for shipping times or reward programs.

Ultimately they were o.k..

Thank you for your help all,


Sure it is. I don’t have a Paypal account, but have been using the Paypal option to pay for DX purchases with my credit card. If you aren’t logged into Paypal, Paypal will put up a screen giving you the option of logging in or entering your CC info to pay for the purchase.