dealextreme just got a makeover

Just got a email from DX its new look and new url

It can now be accesed at

Im not sure I like it so far but it might grow on me.

What do others think?

I like how they organized the menu, now great organization of flashlights by battery type, new arrivals and best sellers. I always found it hard to find anything on DX before. Big improvement - I might even try them out sometime on something I don't mind waiting for....

Not too bad, although I see all the forum topics listed at the bottom of the page are dated 2/2/2012. Seems the first page of "customer reviews" also shows 2/2/2012, but if you click "show all reviews" it shows the original dates.

Seems the old website is still functional too. (


Did they fix the search?

nice news, thanks!

btw, try to open the same thread/post on cpf and you will get banned for shilling and eventually the thread will be deleted by Norm, DM51 or Unforgiven. (Or Kestrel or Bullzeyebill or ..etc).

Well, I like that new look :) More user friendly. +1

spam night again

Again!!! Jeez. The new guy is putting everything in Chinese!!!!

The latest spam was in Japanese not Chinese.

Was figuring Chinese. My bad!!