DealExtreme now takes pictures of your product! (Inconsistently, that is.)


I just noticed that DX takes a picture of your shipped items in a basket.

I placed an order yesterday, and it shipped out just now.

If you click on your order, shipping, and tracking number, there is a little photo.

If you click that, a new window pops up and it shows your package with your address on it. Neat!

I’m just wondering where the tracking number went. haha

Cheers! :beer:


They have been doing this since november-december 2011

My apologies. Didn’t notice that before.

Do you know what happened to the tracking codes?

I never saw that on one of my orders..



I always got a tracking number if the order was above… say $20.

I’ve ordered a bunch of sub $10 items separately (recently), but never got a tracking code.


You guys didn’t see anything like this?

Tracking number yes, picture no.

Ah I thought _that _as in the tracking numbers. My bad.

You haven’t seen the photos? I noticed I had it on this order, but not with the one I ordered a week ago.

Edit: Italics don’t seem to work too well. :frowning:

Language barrier. :P

A German and a Korean communicating in english.. sounds like the beginning of a joke. :D

I only posted _that_ because of fran82. I have had several orders with tracking numbers but none with a picture. Sadly, I dont need anything from DX right now.

edit: they work. :P

Haha, unfortunately I’m more comfortable with English than Korean.

My Korean has pretty much deteriorated over the few years. :frowning:

Edit: Anyone know the limit to which the tracking number and photos show up?

DX includes tracking number when the total order value is 15$ or more.

When DX splits the order, they add tracking to each individual parcel ONLY IF the value of the splitted package is above 6$.

The photos are being included since november-december 2011. Maybe sometimes they had any problem with the system, same happens with dino, sometimes you receive the preship photo, others not, but they are taking the photos since Nov-Dec 2011

How is that? Are you a native Korean?

Fran, thanks for your reply.

Yup, I’m a native Korean but have been attending an international school, so English became my first language.

I just checked my recent DX order (placed 9/24/12 and I added tracking). I did get a shipping notice email and on DX it shows shipped with a tracking number, but there is no link to a photo anywhere and my tracking number does not come up on the few tracking sites I've tried. So yeah, to what extent do the photos get added? I've seen photos on some past orders.


Try this:

Did. No such tracking number found. Seems the best tracking website I've discovered is . That was the only one to show my recent Hobby King order (which shipped out of Hong Kong on Swiss Air to Zurich before coming to the US).


Sorry to hear so. PM me your tracking number if you want me to help out. :slight_smile: