December Sell-off. Four Sevens, Surefire, Malkoff, etc -PRICE DROPS-

All prices PP G&S shipped CONUS. I am open to reasonable offers or trades. Interested in MSR parts/accessories and high CRI lights. Specifically looking for a M31LL/LLL/LLLL with the 219 emitter, or at least warm output. May add more lights later this month if I can decide which ones.

Nichia 219 Package: Astrolux A01 orange (not pictured yet) with NMM graphite delete, Lumintop Tool AA and Maratac Ti AA Rev2. All LNIB. $50 SOLD to toddcshoe

Four Sevens package: Atom AAF with 2-mode twisty and XPG cool white, like new no packaging. Quark QK2A Mkiii, NIB. Had some trouble with this thing but it was solved by pressing the driver pcb lightly with my finger. I don’t like the non-anodized threads, though they are perfectly smooth. I also did not appreciate their customer support so its going. Both lights for $50

Black Diamond Cosmo headlamp (not pictured yet). Like new, with packaging but has been stored in a BOB for the past year. $20

Fenix L0D-rebel . LNIB but I believe its missing the extra o-ring. $25 SOLD

Malkoff M31W in excellent condition. $50 or trade for lower output version. — Save $7 plus shipping costs compared to new
Malkoff M31 219B in excellent condition. $55 or trade for lower output version. — Sells for almost $70 new!
Malkoff MDC 2AA body with VME head. Good shape with some minor signs of wear and a silver pocket clip. $75. Not sure if I really want to sell this, so price is firm.-

Peak Eiger with QTC. Shows some wear. Twisty is a bit stiff, even after clean and lube with super lube. Just want to get what I paid for it Withdrawn

Surefire E2L Outdoorsman. KX2 head. Excellent condition, it has sat 99% unused in a spare range bag for years. $85 SOLD to a1sealbeach

Surefire 6P. McClicky switch with orange boot. Customlites 2 mode XP-L P60. Excellent condition. $50

Surefire G2L-FY. KX4F-BKHA head and Z59 tailcap. This was the firefighter version and has a high vis neon body with reflective sticker decals (which could easily be removed). I used this on my helmet for about a year so it shows some wear and tear but overall it cleaned up well. No accessories included. $50 with Z59.

Surefire G2X Tactical. Worn on my helmet for about 2 years so it shows some wear and tear but cleaned up well. Has the original momentary push twisty on tailcap. 320lm are still bright and reliable. $35


I’ll take the Nichia Package. PM incoming.

Nichia package sold!

Hi, do you know what emitter is in the peak eiger?

Bought this used and was told its the XPG cool white which is believable. That said, I just crushed a battery trying to get it to turn on to anything brighter than moonlight so I’m pulling it and will send it back to Peak to see what they can do.

Ah, thanks for the update!

Hopefully they get it sorted.

I will take Surefire E2L. Please PM me for PP info. Thanks.