Decent 16340 Batteries

I’ve just been researching various 16340 batteries and looking up some reviews and am struggling to find any half decent ones …. most get criticised for overstating capacity as much as anything.

Does anybody know what are generally considered as half decent ones

I’ve had good luck with Xtar’s batteries. No testing or data to back up though…

HJK recently posted this: Test/review of Shockli 16340 700mAh (Yellow)

I have several real AW and Xtar protected and unprotected cells. I do get good performance from the Xtar cells.

I’ve only used Olight-rewrapped protected ones until now, with no issues. I consider them good value for the price.

Though I don’t intend on getting any more 16340 torches for myself (don’t know about 18350, even then the small size doesn’t make up for the very small capacity in my book), I may have to look at the Xtar and ShockLi ones…

I use Efest IMR V2 700mAh 16340’s. From my experience, they are much better than Olight and Nitecore’s 16340’s. Never tried Xtar’s version.

Have you looked at HKJ’s battery comparator?

The best ones with decent IR (~200 mOhms) have around 600mAh. For example the AWT IMR, a couple others with similar performance. The Shocklis recently reviewed have one of the highest capacities at around 700mAh, but the IR is higher.

Cheers for everyone’s input … I think I’m going to go with the Efest IMR V2 700mAh which is what I was already considering getting although looking at the battery comparator as EasyB suggested the Keeppower’s seem to do reasonably well.

That said there wasn’t a lot in between the better name brands … quite amusing if you compare the GTL’s with 2300mah to the others :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the Windyfire IMRs.