Decent flashlight with charging dock?

I have seen a few, but was wondering what comes to mind for BLF members when I ask about a flashlight with a charging dock? If it could run and charge at the same time that would be silly, but desirable.

When you say “dock” I think of some sort of base or stand the light sits in, or otherwise attaches to. If that’s what you’ve got in mind then take a look at the Olight Baton line. A S30r mk2 lives on my nightstand and I really like it. The tint is too cool in my opinion (I’ve got plans for that), and it does kinda bother me that it uses a proprietary 18650, but otherwise it’s a solid light.

I’m liking the S30R. The convoy has a little usb connector to handle, and could end up damaged. That dock is more rugged. The battery could be swapped for any 18650, correct?

olight s15r, I am giving several as christmas presents

Do the Olights run while docked?