Decent incandescent light?

Hi everyone, I have plenty of LED lights now and I was thinking about getting an incandescent for the simplicity of it. I was thinking about something along the lines of a surefire 6P, but I don’t have the money for one right now. Any suggestions for a medium output light, like 60-100 lumens with decent throw? Battery type really doesn’t matter, I just enjoy the color of incans. Preferably $50 or less.

Can’t beat the magliteS LOL

You can get that very warm yellow color without the incandescent bulb, and get as much light from an AAA light as from a 2D incandescent.
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This doesn’t have the lumens you want, but it is a useful and interesting EMP proof, incandescent, with a wide selection of lenses for $12.00, the backup bulb is stored in the flashlight, as are the extra lenses.

Authentic Fulton Military flashlight MX-991/U, made in the USA, with 5 lenses and extra bulb.

You can also buy this as an easy led backup bulb.

Dorcy 41-1643 30 Lumen 3 Volt LED Replacement Bulb*AC_UL160_SR160%2C160*

Are there still many good quality lights that use incandescents?

Are there ANY really good incans still being made?

Maglite was really something in it’s day but the build quality pales compared to what we’ve got now. An incan with the design and build quality of a Fenix etal would be interesting if not quite as exciting.


why not a p60 incan dropin?

That’s what I was going to suggest. Perhaps with a Solarforce host?

Tinywind have a number of incan lights and dropins, including a few hugsbys that might be good if the quality lives up to the XP1, and a “700” lumen ultrafire :wink:

Thanks for all the suggestions…. I’ll have to look a little closer a p60s.

Streamlight still makes some nice incans too apparently

I agree Can’t beat the magliteS LOL

Save up and get a Magic Scorpion!!!