Decent price for Eneloops

£8.99 for 4 plus charger

They are original?

Yup from a respectable dealer over here, also available without the charger...

Same company as the ebay ad

Costco in the USA is already selling the new eneloops for $25 which includes 8AA, 4AAA, and a charger. Not sure about the UK. I'm happy with my Duracell white tops (rebadged eneloops) and also my Rayovac 4.0 LSDs.

My, those are excellent prices. I paid $14 for 4xAA Eneloops without a charger, shipped from China. I don't really have many options here where I live though.

Are these likely to be real or fake at this price?

The first one sku.19324 is certainly a fake and not that cheap for two - you can get them for less than that from which is where mine came from. The second ones are more likely to be genuine - I think Mr. Admin got his from that link and they are almost certainly genuine.

The price is OK, but not great.

Or With charger for only £7.99

8 AA for £12.49 + free case + free delivery

8 AAA for £11.49 + free case + free delivery

If I didn't already own quite a lot of the things I'd go for them at that price. Since 7dayshop stopped charging postage they've become a lot more interesting to me. The AAAs are usually the same price as the AAs so that's an even better deal if you need them. Avoid 7dayshops own brand non-LSD cells - they are not very good.