Dedomed (by James3) Leds Review

A few weeks ago, i received a few goodies from James for a review.
These goodies are dedomed leds he sells, 16 and 20 mm ones.

I received a 20 mm XPG2, a 20mm XML2 and a 16mm XPL.
The 20mm leds are 6500-7000K, the XPL is 5700-6000K
As you can see, he packaged it carefully, using dual layers of bubblewrap. Also included were some extras, like yellow/black 22awg wire, and some protective parts for the led to keep it from shorting with the reflector, but these were all in 16mm version.

To use and review i ordered a few new hosts, Convoy C8 and a Convoy M1, gladly i received them quickly form fasttech. The C8 Also being the new version with square threads and 20mm pill.

As soon as i got the leds, i started building a few drivers for them, based on the standard nanjg 105c, i added 3 extra 7135’s on the driver for the C8 and, 2 on the driver for the P60.

The Convoy C8 and the XPG2 R4-1A 6500-7000K

As all received leds, this led is dedomed, as seen, little residue of the dome might sit on the edges. This is pretty normal, and does not have influence the functioning of the led.
I’d say its a pretty clean dedome.

I built this led in the pill for the new C8, to have enough cooling to run it on a 3.8 A upped driver.

The Convoy M1 and XML2 V2-1A 6500-700K

Also again a pretty clean dedome here, some more residue where the tiny bond wires are.

P60 and XPL V5-2A 5700-6000 K

Here you can see there is a sturdy piece under the bond wires, this is not seen on the other leds, i think the XPL is just built different than the XML2 and XPG2.

I decided to put the XPL in a P60 dropin, because of it s nature and size, it would be a nice balance between throw and flood. Just look at the beamshots to see if i was right :smiling_face:

(I did change the smooth reflector to a orange peel before the beamshots, to ensure there was no benefit of the smooth reflector in them, beacause the C8 and M1 both have OP reflectors.)

Well so far the introduction of the leds… lets go to the enlightened part……

I did some wallshots inside to see the size of the beams in comparison,
I took the pics at 1,5 meters form the wall, to cover most of the circle.
All shots are made with consistent settings, including an at daylight made gray card balanced white balance, including the wall.
All shots are made at F8, 1/10 1/25 and 1/60

All three:

1/10 – 1/25 – 1/60

1/10 – 1/25 – 1/60

1/10 – 1/25 – 1/60

As you can see, there is some pretty color difference, between both the 6500-7000K XPG2 and XML2.
The 5700-6000K XPL is definably the warmer tint, also after dedoming, it even goes almost to yellow. Also this one has a more uneven pattern, i see some very nasty green spots here.
The beams are mostly as expected, the XPG2 Beeing very narrow, and the XML2 a nice wide beam. The XPL Surprises me a little, by not having a more defined hotspot in the center.

Upright beam shots

I did a standing shot, in front of the wall, from left ro right, XPL, XPG2 and XML2.

Here also you can see, the XPG2 has the narrow hostspot, and also imho the best color, very little green is seen.

Also notice the almost Yellow tint of the XPL, and due to its nature of the package , the narrower beam than the XML2 on the right.

Outside shots
Some outdoor shots, made from 4 floors above, to show the differences in beam and spot.




Here comes clear, the XPG2 has a very narrow beam, XML2 is not meant to be a thrower.

If you want a mean hotspotted thrower, go for a beefed up dedomed XPG2, or want something little more flood, go for a XPL.
XML2 imho, has not that much to bring dedomed for throw, in that case even a domed XPL brings more throw, an can handle higher currents. XML2 dedomed tough may give some more light overall, but that is percentagewise only to be measured.

Form James i received a new XPL, due to the green spots in the tested one. clearly you can see his dedoming skills are getting better and better!
This one has a gorgeous tint, not that deep yellow with green spots the first reviewed had, it is more even and seems to produce more light too.
Also there are now printed stickers on the antistatic bags, so it is very clear which led is inside.

left the old, right the new :

Yes, it seems to have a different size of the spill , which looks strange, because i took the measurements for the distance and set it at the same location (1.5metres from the wall) and the same focal length (44mm)

A lot of work in this thread. Very nice.

No one is testing Osram led as alternative to Cree. Maybe they would be good or better than them.

Looks like I’ve done a couple of the LEDs a bit messy, but experience has made the recent ones cleaner!

You say the XPL has uneven patterns with green bits, maybe a faulty one? I have an XPL de domed in a p60 drop in that’s one of my favourites! With a really nice tint

You did use OP reflectors for the review whereas most of the time de doming is to increase throw, so you would use a SMO reflector.

I think the XPG2 turned out best in the review because of the size In comparison to the reflector.
Eg. The bigger the die, the bigger the reflector needs to be to compensate.
So if you had a de domed XPG2 XPL XML2 and MTG2 all in the same lights (say a K40/K40M) you would see:

XPG2 - Pencil thin beam with almost no spill, lower lumens

XPL - thin beam with some spill, higher lumens (often used to replace XPG in reflectors for throw but with lumens close to XML2)

XML2 - Thin beam with even more spill, even higher Lumens

MTG2 - thicker beam (more defined than dome on) a lot more spill, highest lumens

But anyway, Looks good, thanks for doing the review!

It is absolut correct what you write about the throw and smooth reflectors, i supposed the c8 to come with a smooth reflector as it was the 2014 Edition, but it came with a OP. (And i did not want to wait another 2-3 weeks with the review)
This i why i decided to do the comparison this way, all with orange Peel.