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Hi guys !!! Today we will see the Imalent RT90 : “can sized” light with 4800 lumens and a throw of 1308m (427980 cd). At the following link you can find information on the company while here you can see in detail and buy the product.

Packaging and contents:
The Imalent RT90 arrives in a rigid cardboard box with magnetic closure on which all the main features of the product are imprinted. Overall we have:
• Imalent RT90 Flashlight
• Nylon holster
• Proprietary USB charging cable
• 2x spare O-rings
• User Manual

Main features:
• Utilizes a single American LUMINUS SBT-90.2nd LED with lifespan up to 50,000 hours
• Maximum output of 4,800lumens.
• Powered by four rechargeable 1700mAh 18500 Li-ion batteries.
• Product size: 65 (head diameter) x 51 (body diameter) x 127.5 (length) mm
• Net weight : 428g (battery included)
• High efficiency constant power circuit will maintain constant brightness.
• Built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output according to the working state and outer temperature.
• Combination of toughened ultra-clear mineral and anti-reflective coating glass.
• Aluminum SMO reflector.
• Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, wear-resistant Type III hard-anodized surface treatment
• IPX-8 standard waterproof (2 meters submersible)
• 1.5m impact resistant
• Tail stand capability

Output Levels and UI
The Imalent RT90 has 5 normal brightness levels (including Turbo) + Strobo divided as follows:
• Turbo: 4800 - 1350 lm (measured 4600 - 1300) - 70s + 85min
• High: 2800 - 1350 lm (measured 3060 - 1300 lm) - 90 + 93min
• Middle: 1350 lm (measured 1300 lm) - 1h40min
• Middle Low: 350 lm (measured 370 lm) - 2h40min
• Low: 10 lm (measured 15 lm) - 90h
• Strobe: 4800 lm (measured -)

The measured data refer to the first seconds of switching on and using fully charged batteries. All proved to be in line with what was declared by Imalent.
Below are the runtime graphs on the Turbo, High, Middle level.

I also performed a test of repeated ignition of the Turbo for 10 minutes, alternating one minute of ignition with one minute of stop (home environment, without forced ventilation). At the end of the test the flashlight had a temperature above 50 degrees, almost annoying to hold in the hand.

The User Interface is very simple, easy to remember and managed by the metal switch located on the head of the flashlight.

Power On / Off and Level Select
To turn the flashlight on or off, just a simple click on the switch.

Selecting the output level
With the torch on, a press on the switch will cycle the output levels

Direct access to Turbo / Strobo
Quick double click to access the Turbo. With two more quick clicks you will go to the special Strobo level.

Low Mode / Lockout
With four consecutive clicks it is possible to electronically lock or unlock the interface.

switch light
With the flashlight off, press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to turn the status LEDs to be used as locator on and off

Intelligent Thermal Control
When using the flashlight on high levels, for example on the Turbo, the temperature will soar. Upon reaching 50 ° C, the flashlight automatically reduces the output to the 1350 lumen level, avoiding dangerous overheating and preserving the life of the LED and electronic parts. When the flashlight reaches 65 degrees, the Turbo will no longer allow the Turbo to be reactivated as long as the temperature has not dropped.

Memory Mode
The flashlight will remember the last output level used with the exception of the Turbo and Strobo levels.

The body and materials
The Imalent RT90 is a torch shaped like a can of colca cola. In the hand it is very comfortable, it fits well. I have a medium sized hand and I find it perfect. The switch is easily detectable if you are not wearing gloves, and is in a particularly easy position for activation with the thumb.

The weight is heavy but not excessive. The anodization is perfect. The knurling is not particularly aggressive and is present only on the battery pack. The grip is still good.

The switch is electronic, metallic, slightly protruding and with a very short stroke. When pressed, it emits a ringing click. Note how the button is free to rotate. The rotation is only scenographic and has no effect.

To the left and to the right of the switch there are two status indicators which also act as a locator if necessary.

On the opposite side of the switch there is the proprietary charging interface consisting of two golden circular contacts. Here the custom USB cable supplied must be connected: you must pay attention to the connection direction otherwise the charge will not start correctly. There is no risk of polarity inversion as the shape of the USB connection prevents contact when the latter is positioned in the opposite direction.

The USB cable is equipped with a powerful magnet that allows correct positioning by simply bringing the parts together.

The optical compartment is composed of an ultra-transparent lens with anti-reflective treatment, a smooth and deep parabola and a LUMINUS SBT-90.2nd LED. The latter, as we know, is an LED particularly suitable for shooting torches, such as the Imalent RT90.

The bezel is protruding and laced.

The head has no heat dissipation fins but only vertical grooves.

The battery pack consists of 4 18500 cells of 1700mAh in 2s2p configuration between them. Its size is only 6cm in length for a diameter of approximately 5cm. It is practically shorter than the head.

I wonder why the classic 18650 cells were not used? The capacity would have been practically double!
I guess Imalent preferred to save a few centimeters in terms of length and get a shooting torch with compact dimensions albeit with a very deep dish. It still seems like a good compromise to me.

I do not agree with the fact that the cells are not removable and therefore easily replaceable in case of problems.

The threads are precise and arrive well lubricated. They are particularly short, in fact, to unscrew the head, it is sufficient to make a single turn. A large and well-lubricated o-ring prevents water and dirt from penetrating.

To allow the correct tapping of the thread and therefore the closure of the power supply circuit, the battery pack must be tightened very firmly to the head.
The contacts are golden, very thick. The head side has a large, rigid and robust spring.

The tail is flat so it is possible to use the flashlight in tailstanding on flat surfaces

Bundled with the flashlight also comes a nice Nylon holster, convenient for carrying the flashlight, for example, attached to the belt. The torch must be turned with the head upwards.
Using the holster is the only way to carry the RT90 as there is no hole for the laynard.

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The tint of the RT90 is Cool around 6000K-6500K, the beam is particularly directional with a very bright spill to illuminate well in the immediate vicinity.

To follow some Nightshot on the medium / long distance ...

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4

Beamshot #5

Beamshot #6

Beamshot #7

Beamshot #8

Beamshot #9

Final thoughts
• Compact size
• Good Turbo power
• Good level spacing.
• Simple and easy to remember interface
• Directional beam with very bright spill
• Non-removable batteries
• 2s2p configuration of the battery pack
• There is no hole for the wrist strap

Overall, I can say that I am satisfied with this new product. The reported data actually reflect reality. The torch used in the Turbo, with repeated ignitions, heats a lot, but for normal use, with medium / high output, the heat produced is acceptable and not annoying.
Finishes with attention to detail, quality materials, abundant thicknesses ... in short, a beautiful torch, definitely to be recommended!

Thanks fo reading!!! XD

The review is great but I want to know what camera you used? The pictures are super clear and real.