defected Trustfire Z1 from DX

my order arrived to day, with an O-ring positioning problem. i sent an e mail to DX about issue, but is there any one having an idea to fix the problem. i tried to demount reflector but couldn't...

You should be able to unscrew that and fix the o-ring. Twist it counterclockwise and it will spin off if you can't do it by hand use some pliers but be careful not to scratch it.

to fix the problem i have to demount reflector part from the case...with my hand i couldn't demount by screwing. i didn't force it too much, i afraid to brake it. Do you know its demountable by screwing from case?

Yes grab the threaded part with pliers and twist it off.

ok, being a little bravei i made it by using pliers

Great news, now that it's apart clean the lens with some glass cleaner (Windex) then put a small amount of silicone lube (Superlube) on the threads and tighten it up.

thank you very much for your help E1320...