DEFECTIVE Wuben A21 - Flashes S-O-O instead of S-O-S!!!

I have the NW version of the Wuben A21. Can some other owners check this out? Am I all alone? My Wuben flashes S-O-O S-O-O S-O-O.

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Any thoughts on what to do?

Dunno what to do but if it’s only yours then you got a rare item.
Do you need to use sos mode that much?

I hope I never have to use S-O-S! Lol. That being said. It is there, and it is S-O-O.

That is hilarious. I’m sorry for laughing at your misfortune. Hoping you don’t use it at all. Leave it up to China to spell in CW wrong.

Most of us look for the lockout for those flashing things.
If you serious with SOS. point at target and do it by hand.
and use a reflector for more/wider range.

Plus. If that the only problem you have with any torch.
You doing well.

IRL groups of 3 are the distress signal, not necessarily the letters.

Hopefully you’ll never need to use it but if you do, a light flashing SOO will have no worse chance of summing help thay a light flashing SOS (either case is pretty freaking unlikely to help)

Anyone with a Wuben A21 try this out? I mountaineer, backpack, boat, and sail. I used to fly in small planes… It has a purpose, albeit quite small. I am not trying to advocate for the efficacy of the function. It is a function, and it is wrong. Can another owner please check theirs?

I need help. SOO the light replies.

I am glad we are taking this lightheartedly! Hahaha. Such a rude and non caring light!