Defiant 99426 lithium rechargeable spotlight

Has anyone tried this out? it has a single led with a deep polished reflector. Not sure about the voltage it wasn’t listed on the package and HD website just says it is a li pack. In addition on the HomeDepo site there are some half-off spotlights available online and ship only, not carried at the stores.

Buyer beware with this spotlight.

Nowhere on the box, or on HD website, or in the user’s manual, does it list the voltage or capacity of the “lithium-ion battery pack”. Only after you open the sealed package can you see on the back of the light that it is only a single 2000mAh cell—wow what a “PACK” that is.

The reflector is nice—highly polished plastic 55mm diameter and about 50mm deep. The emitter is mounted on a board that says CREE, but there was lots of solder splatter, whiskers and other debris down near the emitter, and there was a fleck of dirt on the dome itself—not sure if that can be cleaned or how it could be done without damage to the dome.

Many solder joints on the circuit board were incomplete cold soldered or broken, see the photo of the indicator led completely loose. The welded tab on the cell -ve terminal was wrinkled and distorted.

Edit: i repaired the solder joints and put it back together, then took it outside for a test in the dark. Now i have to say it is quite an impressive beam from a single cell—it may actually throw 300 meters as advertised.

So i was not impressed at first, but after a nighttime test, i’m liking it. It is very lightweight compared to my 4D maglite, and it throws way more light too. Not sure that it is worth $20, but i have 90 days to test it and decide to keep or return.

i ordered two other spotlights from their website specials, will test those also and report on the results.

Was is heavy?
Looks plastic to me

350 lumens. I wouldn’t buy it.

You can do a lot better for $20 or less with something like a C8 or Convoy S2+.

They may not have the pistol grip design but are much brighter with longer throw than this thing.

I wouldn’t mess around with any home depot lights even if they are half off.
There are too many better choices here on BLF that can be ordered from Amazon and other equally convenient places, with real reviews by people who know what a good light is.

You can certainly get something much brighter and better than this for the $20.

This Defiant light looks very similar to offerings from Rayovac etc that are sold at walmart.
It’s funny to see “350 Lumens” and “Spotlight” used in the same product listing.

Or a ’502 for 4.56 with coupon at GB.

Hell, probably a cheap zoomie like a ’68 or ’98 would throw farther…

thanks, i’m new-bee so just throwing it out there for feedback, it was fairly light, plastic housing, etc. It was the first rechargeable lithium i’ve seen on the shelves, but then again i have limited experience with this stuff.

If you don’t have lithium batteries already, this is an accessible option. However, as pointed out, there are better alternatives once you’ve made the lithium battery investment.

Thanks for the alert kennybobby. Wish I knew something about that light to contribute. Your alert is very helpful. This one here is half off as you mentioned at $12.49. It is also 350 lumens. If it is like the ones I have purchased in the past, it has a thick glass lens and the the best throwing reflector for it's diameter that I have encountered. The plastic host poses an issue if you want to soup it up much. But $12.49 for a kick ass reflector and glass lens is a deal. Actually, the light isn't bad stock too. There is something to be said for a big handled light that is easy to find and has a built in kickstand. Plus, you can easily return it for a refund if you don't like it. Please let us know what you learn about the light in the OP if you buy it.

EDIT: Link to light (hope it is the same one I have used in the past):

Re: C8s

And if you’re willing to mod, swapping an XP-G2 or even an XP-E2 will throw like crazy.

My favorite toy is a 4300K XP-E2 driven at a modest 1A, that can be left on ’til the cell’s drained w/o worrying about stepping down or overheating.

Not very “powerful” lumenwise, but the nice tight hotspot still carries.

A dedomed XP-G2 will have a similar teeny-tiny hotspot, but can be driven harder.

I used one of the newer “clear” C8 hosts and built a C8 using a dedomed XP-E2 torch and one of the newer Convoy drivers. It throws a pencil beam but the profile looks like crap. Dedomed XP-G2 is the smallest I’d recommend.

Ah, dedomed XP-E2…

Mine was already 4300K-4500K, so wasn’t about to DD it.

Mine’s a beautiful beam. Nice bright sun in a solar-system spill…

Figured the domed E2 would have roughly the same-sized hotspot as a dedomed G2. Just that the G2 can be driven harder than the E2.

Plain ol’ Al star, not Cu, not DTP, so 1.5A is about as much as it would take before flattening out in light output. 2A is close to peak. And I wanted a 1-mode light that I wouldn’t have to shut off to cool after a few min.

Could hit the (lots) G2 harder, esp with a Cu DTP star.

So i bought one to test, figuring i could always return it if i didn’t like it. Posted info and photos in the OP, and will make edits and additions there related to this model.

i think it’s an xpg2, thats why it has low lumens and lots of throw . Like others have said . the home depot stuff is sort just ok …and is really only worth buying if it can be snatched up as a penny deal or for 1/4 of what they normally sell retail …unless you eithee really really love the look and feel etc or in rare instances like the defiant super thrower .1/2 price
Downsides are like you saw poor construction .lack of any real heatsinking (plastic ) usually they have really dumb drivers and in the case of aluminum lights almost always crap paint instead of any decent anodization . i bought a few closeout deals from home depot when they were just a couple bucks and found their spot lights like that odd , large and a really dumb user interface . Within minutes of playing with it i nodded and thought OK it does throw a bit and …. time to send it back down the line …and tossed into the “lights to sell ” pile ….

if you paid 20$ for it I’d take it back and buy a A6 blf light from bangood for 18$ a litto kala 100 charger from gearbest and while at home depot returning the light dig into the battery recycling bin and scavage so li-ion cells from a drill pack or a laptop pack .


If you have patience, I'm with Boaz. Eventually, the light will go on clearance at a deep discount. I ordered the light I mentioned above. I want to harvest the reflector and lens for a scratch build. I don't remember the dimensions, but $12.49 for a good quality large reflector and matching glass lens (if it has one, this is a new version) is a good deal.

I'm not sure why there are so many comparisons to small lights above. To me, this type of light serves a much different purpose (other than emitting light) then the alternatives mentioned above.

Thank you for taking one for the team and reporting back on what you found in the light.

there is current resistor , adding another similar will increase the output(make sure the fet/bjt can handle the current)

Ummm, coupla questions…

First, if a “nice big” 55mm reflector, will the front lens be glass, or plastic? My bets are on hard plastic, like lexan, maybe PC, but…

Second, why not just grab a 78mm or 88mm reflector from FT for a coupla bux that have holes already drilled for 20mm stars, and get your own lens? At least those are the 2 I got; I’m sure they have smaller. And I see bigger (110mm, etc.), too.

A window shop might even be able to take thin-pane glass and cut a circle to fit, larger or smaller as you need.

I have a variety of those very thin-walled FT reflectors. It took several shipments for them to get me a 110mm without dents. Your questions already been answered above, but I can expand. IIFC, the reflective surface was 91+mm and the lens was glass. I'm no reflector or thrower expert, but no reflector out threw it in my limited experience. For example, at only 5-6 amps, it realized 250kcd with a dedomed MT-G2. Documented here:

The reflector is thick plastic. So it won't dent like those FT reflectors. I'm half tempted to keep the host and pill and go active cooling

Hmm. I got 1 and 2 of the 78mm/88mm, but forgot which was which. All were in perfect condition. Maybe I got lucky. :smiley:

Nice if this critter comes with a glass lens, then!