Defiant HD#1514 Led Rechargeable Lithium-ion Spotlight

This was an online-only 50% discount deal for $12.49 from Home Depot website. It is a much bigger size than the compact model 99426—even though it is plastic, it is heavier with a larger diameter beam and has a 2p cell pack instead of a single 18650 cell. It has both an AC and 12v car adapter with output voltage of 4.7V. The label on the back of the light states that it is a “12V Rechargeable 3000mAh lithium-ion battery”—so much for honesty…

The lens is a flat piece of glass, the reflector is a shiny plastic piece with 92mm diameter and 60 mm depth. It uses an XML-T5 emitter mounted on a metal heatsink, which is screwed outside of the reflector bottom. It is advertised as 350 lumens with a 5.5 hour runtime and 300 meter throw. It does throw a nice beam to light up the woods, it’s rechargeable, and it was less money than the compact version.

The solder joints on the board were all good. The board is single layer with a TI LM358 dual op-amp, a SS14 diode, 1 transistor, 3 electrolytic caps, a dozen resistors and a red led. The trigger switch locks on/off, and there is a tiny flap on top that folds out to form a tripod.