4th pic from the bottom.

Integrated pill - you can’t take it out.

If your driver isn’t stacked or very high by itself, just leave the wires a bit longer.

Can you take pics? It would help with a solution. Have you checked to see if two batteries would even fit in the tube? I've found normal 18650's to be kind of a tight fit--definitely not loose. Could just be my driver spring, though.

Regarding any missing parts, I'd suggest contacting RMM. He always makes things right, from my experience (as well as others).

You don’t need screws to secure the mcpcb, what you will need is to stack two copper mcpcbs so you get the correct height, then the reflector itself will center your 5x5mm die. Sand the bottom one and remove the dielectric layer. If you don’t use a spacer your reflector will be loose or not focus properly.

Plastic piece between the shelf and driver room? can you remove it?

Use M2.5 x 5mm laptop screws.

I didn’t know they made an extencion tube for the M2. Link please.

Do you have a link? I can’t find it. Thanks

It’s for the old style Convoy C8 and M2. The new versions that came out in late 2014 have square cut threads. It looks like you’ll be using two purple Efest 18350’s.

Aluminum Alloy Extension Tube for 1*18650 C8 LED Flashlight

SKU 1575200
DATE LISTED 12/23/2013

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