forget it I worked it out I’m a dopy bugger :person_facepalming:

Aren’t we all at times?

I searched Dopey Bugger
Hope this helps

If being a Dopey Bugger means having two huge, perfectly clear and perfectly cut diamonds in my possession, then where do I sign up? :money_mouth_face:

Why is there no Up Hill skiing in the Winter Olympics?

Because we are on the wrong side of the equator. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks MRsDNF
Shoulda known that ….me dumb dumb

We can all be dopy buggers at times, just ask my wife! And I take full responsibility.

yep because we do it here in Aussie land haha

what I did was as I was taking the tail cap off my L6 I inadvertently unscrewed that little

spacer and when I screwed the cap back on it stoped the cap from seating home and caused

a lock out :person_facepalming: so for the rest of the night it sat on the back seat of the car .

got home and out with the DDM and did a continuity check and all good and then noticed

the gap so screwed it all down and viola she works .

as I said what a dopy bugger I am .

There is

so many deleted threads recently, its hard to keep up