Sorry for the duplicate post, Internet issues tonight

Please don’t be sorry…. We like deleted topics :partying_face:


You want it deleted? No problem!

Who’s better?


There…that should get this party started

I think Bon Jovi was more soft rock but appealed to mainstream / radio, therefore I think $$$marter

GNR all the way!

Unsubscribed ! :beer:

I think that means that you actually subscribed to this thread at some point.

No delete thread is complete within a kitten

Probably shouldn’t be putting any kind of thread within a kitten! :confounded:

A kitten within threads is fine though

It certainly is! Although puppies are better than kitties! :smiley:

*hides hoping not to get ruded for making the most divisive post in the history of BLF :wink:

you’re banned for mentioning puppies inside a delete-thread!!!

No thread is complete without an ultra luxury kitchen.

Dang, this post probably won’t even work. I knew I should have posted an immunity dog earlier…

Alright, I think I have worked out how to evade this ban. Lets see if this works. :wink:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Hehe, it worked! Thanks Immunity Cat and Immunity Puppy.

puppies schmuppies :expressionless:

What about puppies that are Flash-a-Holics?

Kodi Bear!