Looks like only 2 chairs in the lounge......................

They must stagger the time people can sit in them :-)

LMAO :bigsmile:

No, really, looks like everything is good organized, well placed, etc. :) But... you can get lost there, searching for our lights in those endless corridors :bigsmile:

So those are all actors and the 11 year boys were being kept in the real "break room" while they filmed this?

If you watch the video they have in addition to those 2 chairs, a nice sofa, a message chair, some plants, table with snacks, a flatscreen tv with a Nintendo...its nicer than my living room...

(depressed icon)


But this is for the whole factory

What is asiatic?lol it’s Asian people,well that is what we call them where I live haha

Half of that is probably items they sold and never shipped.


LOLOLOLL, hhahahahahhaha. Okay I feel better now. :)

Very clean place.

I assumed their warehouse was just a huge pile of random stuff all dumped out in a big room. It explains why it takes a month to get a flash lit from them. Guess I am wrong

This is the name of that image file:

Ellen Wang?

From what I can work out her name is Aya Ueto (上戸彩), she is a Japanese actress. She stars in Azumi and Azumi 2.

Google images with Japanese name

More google

More google

More google

Aya Ueto wallpapers

Internet Movie Database

Again on celebrity wallpapers

Reverse image search

Why am I not surprised. I want a real photo now.

Looks quite nice!

Months ago Summer provided BLF the above link to her Facebook page. I renamed the image file to match the name on her Facebook page. I thought it was a picture of Summer, but it looks like I was dead wrong.

Summer is a guy... He just tells you he's a girl, because a "typical guy" is much more soft touch, when speaking to a girl, than to a man. The fake facebook page was just an icing on the cake.

It's just a basic psychology. If you want to arouse confidence and trust in other person, just tell him/her what he/she want to believe and if possible "wrap it" in the best packing (i.e. cute, young girl when dealing to a young or middle-age man). You guys, just rose to the bait. :)

Nevertheless, I don't challenge the work, Summer has done for folks on this forum. But the belief, that he's a young cutie who just strives to help you with your orders and avoid your "inconvenience"... Oh c'mon, get real :)

By the way, I bet the video above has nothing in common with reality. Again, it just arouses your positive feelings and confidence in DD. And that's, what it was created for. Chinese workers siting on sofas and playing Nintendo at work, when there's a gazillion of orders waiting to fulfill ? ...Yeah, right.

Do you mean like this

Well well well, I think I should do something here, I didnt use my real PIC on my Facebook, and I bet I must give it right now.LOL of course it is beauty~~Smile

Oh my, get this man out of there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How did you figure that out?