damn..looks well organized..


Great setup. I really like how they send a picture so you get to see they've shipped you the wrong product in advance

Well organized but still need to improve delivery!

Well, that is really DD pictures and video, we will doing better. And also welcome working for DD, LOL.

Great video and photos. It is nice to see how the warehouse works. It seems set up very well, so hopefully we wont see too many orders being mixed up anymore!

Thanks for posting this!

I didn't notice Summer in that video. Here's a nice photo of Summer from her Facebook page:

Oh please stop now, it's a flashlight forum for crying out loud... (I always had a thing for asiatic females...)

Only 2 guys making all the orders?

Where are all the sexy packing girls?

I am disappointed

If that is their wharehouse how do they manage to f up orders so often.

Btw Summer looks cute . I hope that photo isn't 20 years old.

Is that even a word ??

Nice little warehouse, not very many people working there, very well organized. The female spokesperson really cute (and why do asiatic people always look so young?) -- i hardly understood a word though. where's my box of Q-tips.. lemme get my flashlight and do a search (or maybe my English simply s*cks ggg)

There is also a Spanish speaking version of the video. Sorry dude, is that guy ***?

Much more DD produced videographic material available on their channel. 3213 videos wtf, seriously?? That sounds like spam!!

Why does kreisler get banned on cpf (i am not a spam!) and why doesnt DD get banned on youtube (3213 vids wtf!)?

Oké, need to get back to class. Boring today. Highschool is lame. I hate History and Chemistry!!

( hehe.. just kiddin. Thanks for the great warehouse video, DD!! )

I thought it wasn’t anything like that!
Now getting curious who Summer is!
And Otta, Whom I talked with quit a few times on Live chat.

You probably saw both of them at their desks in the office space chatting away with customers!

I saw a red lip phone on the picking line! Lol!

Like everyone said there is no one in that huge factory packing our orders. The time they take their smoke breaks restroom breaks and lunch time SHIT they filled 2 orders. And they are out of there.......

The warehouse is fine and dandy but let's not forget to add a picture of the managment side:

Who doesn't ?

BTY i'm pretty sure the lady on the picture of the facebook page is japanese, and i'm pretty sure if you look like that there is no way in the world you end up wasting your time on a forum like here to advertise 2 dollars coupons and buy people loyalty for the shady business that is your employer.

This must have been translated wrong.