Are you selling 2 X TN42vn90?

You have this one listed for $450 w/ Batteries and the other one for $500 w/ batteries? Same light? My guess is yes.

Maybe update the other[Multiple lights] thread or just keep it on One thread.

Just a suggestion to cut down on the confusion.


Interested, sending PM...

Deleted the other thread


Wow $300! That is a steal,I can not believe someone did not buy this yet.

Did you advertise on CPF?

I wish u were selling this in August,I would have bought it instead of spending $600!

I also think this is and incredibly low price for this light.

Sadly it seems that few BLFers are willing to spend on high-end lights.

What batteries are you using in it ?

Samsung 30q

Such a great deal for a Fiat Lux version. Too bad it is not 5500k version or I would buy it.

Is it V1 with VNX2 driver?

Yes v1
Beam is amazing
Bump still available


I will take it.

Good deal