Indeed it is. What it was anyway?

I got nothing to say either.

Can't add anything to that.

Saturday's not.

you are spammers without nothing to do!

we... xD

Not true, kreisler is DD Shill, remember?

These threads are the best. Really. ;)

Don't worry Your Klarus is on it's way. You are on the special list! you will also get 2 packets crystal mud!


i am sure i have something else to do ... time to get to work

jaja that's nice XD

who wanna trade crystal muds for fish bones?

I'm sure you meant new ex-workmate?

Kreisler check that other thread (the deleted one) I have a request if you would be willing to help me.


gotta go have a nice weekend guys :)

Gyotaku on LSD ?

What would happen if one were to snort some crystal mud and eat fish bones? Does anyone have creative use for crystal mud beside throwing it in the neighbors pool?

Bananas....that is all......

Got it 8) Have to go now, will make a small review later this night ;) First/initial impression: :love:

EDIT: f&%kin' spammers :evil: