Dell Canada: Super Eneloop Sale - Sale Over

Sanyo Eneloop: 8 X AA - 4 X AAA - 1 X Sanyo Charger = $29.99

free shipping- next day - Purolator Courier

Sale ends midnight Jann.16.. Sale is still active.

Accept PayPal.

thx! Could always use more. Now what to do with all the extra chargers…

Thx got one set for my EA4 :slight_smile:

I checked this morning, and the sale is still active.

I got mine the next day. Pretty good. Free Purolator Courier…next day delivery.

Now $44

Sale over. It lasted longer than they advertised though.

That’s alright, I’ll get it next time. Only ordered 4 past time, didn’t realize I’d love em sooooo much :wink:
I got some panasonics at futureshop past weekend, they’ll tie me over