Dented 18650

I dropped my sc600 mkiii hi today and the battery got a dent on the positive side. The flat top got pushed in, in the middle. Is it safe to still use it or should I toss it away?

Got a picture?

If it’s only the top that is pushed in there is no problem.
There’s room under the flat top for such acci’dents’.

Your good mj1 cells have a weak flat top. My vape pen has pushed one in further then that and on a 30q as well. With flashlights a soring makes the connection not a peg. They won’t reach the peg on the vape unit but flashlight works just the same as before

Is it protected?

My bet is that people will be hesitant to say it’s safe, due to possible safety implications.

Looks like a protected positive side to me, which is kind of a flat-top hat that is connected to negative protection circuit for cell voltage monitoring. I would be concerned if not protected.

I have a number of Panasonic 18650B’s that look like that just from the driver spring pushing down on the battery. I’ve been using them for years with no problems other than most of my chargers not being able to contact the + contact. In my opinion it’s not an issue and I would continue to use it.

No, it’s not protected.

Doesn’t look like a problem to me either. I’ve had a lot of Sanyo cells (laptop pulls) that had similar button tops that were caved in just from being installed in a flashlight.

Even my other mj1 is slightly pushed in from just flashlight use. The tops just arnt that strong on them compared to some others. But not like my other one that’s worse then that. Both work the same as before. As someone mentioned above sometimes I have to find the sweet spot on a charger to get it to charge.

I’ll glady take it off your hands if your uncomfortable with it. I’ll pay the $2 for a flat rate envelope

I have an Efest 26650 with dented positive top. My opinion is they dent way too easy. My Convoy L6 rolled off my bed onto carpet of a height of about 15 inches and yet the 26650 on the positive end of the L6 dented. That being said, I have no problem using it. It’s definitely still safe.

Looks like the top of a protected cell. Even if not, those 4 “slots” on the side indicate it’s a thin “hubcap” that’s on the top of the cell.

I’ve got unprotected LG flat-tops that have those critters, and one got pushed in from the little spring on a ’105D.

Just looked now, yep, that’s the LG in my S2+. If I could attach a pic (vs linking one), I’d snap a pic and post it. My first reaction was “Wtf?!?”, but now it’s normal to me. Still works a treat.

looks okay to me too.

I don’t see where people are thinking it looks protected looks just like my flattop unprotected mj1 cells. Looks nothing like any of my protected cells the few I have at least. and very similar to my dented one from the vaping unit I use. It has a screw at the bottom for slightly different battery heights I tightened to much and pushed it in just like this one. Now its reserved for flashlight duty.

Thanks for all the input guys! I think I’ll keep it!

This is common for all unprotected cells.

Yeah, I noticed that for the most part. Some flattops look “solid”, though, which is why I thought the little hat was what made it a buttontop. Then I see flattops with the little slots, too.

I try to not go out of my way to dent the tops of my cells, which is why I never noticed that earlier. :smiley:

The battery has an additional safe valve inside.

I do not see problem…
Several batteries at me too with indentation plus-contact.

I always solder-blob the plus contact of my 18650 batteries, i think that’s why i have no dented ones.
It makes the plus contact much thicker and thus stronger.

Your are good m8, just put a solder blob as suggested and keep on rolling :slight_smile: