DGQ Hobi Plus beam shots CW vs. NW vs. WW?

it is about time to purchase my first 10180 flashlight and I face the DGQ Hobi Plus squarely at present :)
for this reason I'm looking for some beam shots of CW vs. NW vs. WW tint! but I only found this not really meanful white wall comparison up to now!
who owns all three versions and could assist pls?
TIA :)
FYI: beam shot comparison of many 10180 flashlights, amongst others also DQG Hobi Plus CW and NW!
unfortunately without the WW HI-CRI version which I decided to purchase in the meantime :)
btw I didn't find really much information from users about the hobi plus, only a few videos and a German short review!

Thanks for making me aware of a 3 mode Nichia 10180 option.
Wondering if the titanium threads are gritty?

according to a guy from tlf (german flashlight forum) the threads of the hobi plus titanium are really smooth :)
but i guess the ww led is a xp-g2 hi-cri and not a nichia unfortunately!

sounds good regardless of brand, High CRI is great to have

fwiw, here is another Nichia option, on sale
Astrolux M01, stainless with Nichia, twice the weight, half the price, 2 modes

thanks for this alternative proposal, jon_slider! the color rendering of the astrolux m01 seems to be very good (see the linked beam shots) and was quite tempting for me. but after reading about many of quality issues, i finally excluded that interesting little light from my wish list!

Tint on mine looks kinda purple… :laughing:

enlightening through rose-colored glasses :D

You may want to buy extra o-rings for your Hobi.
They don’t last as long as the thicker diameter rings commonly used on 14500 & 18650 cell lights.

thanks for the heads-up! can somebody accommodate with the dimensions of the o-rings? my hobi plus hi-cri is in transit at present!

if anybody else wants to know the size of the o-rings fitting to dqg hobi plus: it's 5mm diameter and 1mm twine thickness :)

i received my dqg hobi plus hi-cri ww in the middle of october and it's a very nice little light :)
the tint is on my individual lower border line of color temperature and it shouldn't be significant warmer for me!
quick and dirty beamshot comparison with a cw conspecific:
on the left: dqg hobi plus xp-g2 hi-cri ww
on the right: wuben g337 xp-g2 cw
and vice versa for better comparabillity:
on the left: wuben g337 xp-g2 cw
on the right: dqg hobi plus xp-g2 hi-cri ww
animated gif:
also with another (but nichia based) hi cri flashlight:
on the left: dqg hobi plus xp-g2 hi-cri ww [with 1*10180er li-ion]
on the right: singfire blf-348 nichia [with 1*aaa eneloop]
vice versa:
on the left: singfire blf-348 nichia [with 1*aaa eneloop]
on the right: dqg hobi plus xp-g2 hi-cri ww [with 1*10180er li-ion]
animated gif:
it took some getting used to, but finally i like the hobi's tint :)

Hello, does anybody know if you can access the MCPCB of the Hobi plus to do an LED swap?
Looking to find a super compact keychain light with removable Li-ion, usb charging and able to change the stock LED.


It has a bezel, glued and combined driver/ LED PCB.
Tricky to swap emitters. Pill holds head & bezel together.
I stick copper tape to the PCB underside, hold the board with pliers and gently heat from below with a jet lighter from a distance that doesn’t torch it.
Hot air station would be better.

Frying pan method.

Thanks CRX.

I think it’s a little ambitious for me. Might explore other options first.
Your mods on this light (and every light) are spectacular!

Small world, great minds think alike!

Pavlo I changed up my keychain from K18 mini to hobi plus just for something new. If you can get over the UI of k18 mini it does what you ask. You can double click from off for lockout too. It’s easy to mod

Edit; usb charging is via a separate head so idk if that counts for you

How do you like it vs your K18 mini.
Thanks for the recommendation. The need to swap out the head to charge is a deal breaker for me. DQG style and finish looks nicer, but hard to say as I haven’t handled either of them.

The k18 mini is great, 2 levels and a lockout plus build quality is good. Has a decent reflector and good PCB. I put a LH351D on mine.

I didn’t like the long press UI but I accepted it cause it has an electronic lock out. It stayed on my key chain for a year regardless.

Manker LAD came on in my pocket all the time. My daughter plays with the red LEDs now cause its worthless if it comes on in pocket.

The hobi plus seems nice so far even if the beam isn’t quite as good. At least you wont forget the UI and it seems like it wont unscrew itself. It breaks connection with just a slight twist so that’s good. The heat path seems bad though. Whatever that brass pill is in my pictures I’m pretty sure it does nothing but support bezel. Maybe even worse since I got Ti model.

How about a Fairy? Do you know how to open this one up?

Yes I do.