Dialing back a Convoy GT FC40 Driver

Hi all. I was interested in doing a sense resistor replacement to dial back the amps delivered by the GT FC40 Driver from Convoy. It’s a boost driver (12V nominal) and I wanted to verify that swapping the R020 next to the LED- wire for a R040 should approximately halve the mA output of the driver.

I’ve never done this to a boost driver and don’t want to nerf such a nice piece.

Thanks in advance!

That should do it

OK did it and didn’t nerf the driver. It squeals now though. Meh…

Here’s the tutorial itself:

I didn’t know that existed. Thanks!

FWIW the driver doesn’t squeal when mounted in the light.

Happy ending?


EDIT: I’m continually amazed by the knowledge base in this community.

Yeah, I actually save entire web pages with a program extension called Singlefile/SinglefileZ.

Every time I see something worthy of being saved, I save it :smiley:

Again I meet someone much smarter than I am.

Thank you!