Did anyone here get a new Lumintop LM10 with the killer 11/11 sale?

I have a copper LM10 that I bought nearly 2 years ago. It has an early version of Anduril V1 and the driver board looks to be early too. I’m curious if the LM10 has changed at all, or if Lumintop produced all of their batches early on and what we’re seeing is old stock. Can someone check theirs to see if it has changed? Thanks!

Got this evening one Brass LM10 with battery for S$60.42 or about US$42. An excellent buy, no doubt. :+1:

Now the price has gone up to S$88.62 or about US$61 at Lumintop Lightings Store on AE.

At Nealsgadgets, the Black Friday price for this Brass LM10, without battery, is now US$62.37.

I have noted that Black Friday prices with 35% discount are still slightly higher than prices on Ali Express during the past 11/11 Sale.

Good going. Yeah, you can’t beat that price. The LM10 initially released over $100 for copper and brass (even higher for titanium, I think $140) but then as sales became lackluster, it dropped. The lowest prices I could find 2 years ago was about $70 USD shipped. So I picked up one then. I was so tempted to get a brass version at $42, but frankly I couldn’t help putting that money towards something else of interest. You will find this flashlight unreasonably heavy, certain not a good choice for EDC. It’s more of a conversation piece, IMHO. The titanium one is much easier to carry, but then you’ve got the poor thermal conductivity problems of titanium to deal with…

I too purchased early versions so unfortunately I can’t answer if they made changes. I paid close to full price because I “couldn’t” wait. I love the look of the LM10 and always wished they would make an anodized aluminum version

Some BLF folks (including some revered veterans here) really derided the look, but I thought it was an interesting variation on the FW3A theme. I’m glad I picked up an LM10. I just wish I’d been aware that the milled clips were going to be limited… I waited too long and then they were sold out. Argh… I hear the steel clips are actually better because they have a little flexibility, though. But you do make a great point—there should’ve been an aluminum version. The copper & brass are too heavy for EDC.