Did anyone notice Skilhunt made MINI headlamps?

Because in some cases the would get a few $ instead of 0.
That’s my case and I’m sure I’m not the only one who rejects the offer of buying a battery tube for $40.

That’s true, I’d also rather buy tubes than new flashlights but hey; two is one and one is none and now I’ll have four of them.

No red led?

If it doesnt have red I have to grab another light that does. No point buying this light. I use red every night as an anti-trip and fall light in our offgrid cabin. Deep in the woods and very dark at night.

I find red light extremely annoying and never use it, there’s low modes for that.

Its a good night light that wont disturb your sleep like white light. Its also good to enter chicken coops as the birds cannot see the red. You can trim their wings at night without having birds flying all over hell. I could go on and on but red works best. I dont want white blinding me at night.

Ever wonder why military runs red in ships and subS


Quadrupel, so you’re saying red light is NOT really the best? Blasphemy!!

Idahofarmer, I’m not in the navy, I don’t have chickens and I’m not bothered by light disturbing my sleep - I have a 2.5 y/o baby girl and a 1.5 y/o schnauzer to do that… and in two months time a baby boy so bye-bye sleep. I just use what I like and I like to see colours. Most of the time I just walk arround my house or appartment without any light, I know where everything is. And that’s the best way to preserve night vision.

The power capacity lower down up to 2.5-3 times (900-1100 against 3000-3400 mAh). Even full size skilhunt overheat in turbo quick, and this one? More over, no real termocontrol in driver, so we can easily overheat flashlight.
Good deal for child flashlight, but

But anyway, i use Astrolux HL01 in short version as pocket EDC, but i have anduril, a good heat dissipation and customable termocontrol, and overall for 26 bucks, not 40.

Not a quite good deal thought, Skilhunt.

Yeah but I need a small and light flashlight, not a meat tenderizer :smiley:

Well, even if you know where everything is…. My dog likes to lay wherever he feels like some nights. The red light lets me see him so I dont step on his legs or trip over him. It also lets me shoot raccoons that try to kill my chickens. Chickens poop eggs and I like fresh eggs.

I guess you city folk buy your food on little white trays wrapped in plastic. Food doesnt come from farms it comes from taco bell. We also have pigs, sheep, cows, turkeys and alpacas.


” Since rods are less sensitive to red light (below 650 nanometers) you can use a red light source to view things without ruining your night vision. ”

May work for red highlighted boat charts but ask any astronomer what they use, it wont be a low white light. Night eyes come from low level red, even that they use sparingly. Ive been to hundreds of astronomy nights on peaks and ALL use red. NONE use white. Guess all those scientists are fools and usurped by some boating sail club guys.

The real blasphemy is spreading larp.

“As light gets dimmer, a chemical change allows them to become even more sensitive, and your eyes become dark adapted”
“The best method to preserve dark sensitivity is to simply not use any light source at all”
OK so use low low Hi-cri light source to keep night vision and color rendering as well. Maybe your astronomers have no flashlight with really low moonlight ? ;))