Did anyone notice Skilhunt made MINI headlamps?

So, I was thinking about a small headlamp with 18350 battery for EDC and as a backup light and after searching for smallest/lightest headlamp of that form I realized I can just put a short tube on my H03 or H04 like others have done. I went to Skilhunts website to order a new H04 and BAM there it is… H04 MINI! Look how cute it is :slight_smile:


I can’t believe Skilhunt are still selling the H04F, it’s such a bad design. I purchased 16pcs and had to get Skilhunt to send conversion kits to change to H04.

The diffuser hinge collects the light and reflects it down into the eyes, entirely useless as a headlamp. Absolutely love the H04 though, perfect even distribution of light

Can’t you just turn it round in its holder, so it’s on the left and the hinge is at the top, button at the bottom?

Yeah. I was looking at the High CRI version of the H04 RC Mini on Super Outdoors on AE.

It’s about AU$60 delivered with battery. I was hoping to get it without a battery.

I’ve spent enough this 11.11 so I’ll pass. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, H04 RC Mini (TIR) vs H04R RC Mini (orange peel reflector)? :innocent:

You can always add dc-fix to a H04R…

Tried that but light then reflects down from around the edges of the diffuser, it doesn’t seat down far enough. Made a video for Skilhunt at the time and they said the design will be changed on their new lights.

Really! I almost bought the F version because i thought that flippable diffuser feature is neat, quick switch between flood and throw. I wonder why nobody else mentioned this in all the threads and posts ive read about h04 in here and reddit

Is the battery tube compatible with H03?
I like the older model much more.

Ordered a H04 RC Mini for AU$57.77 delivered. :partying_face:

I don’t think there is any difference in the threads between the H04 and H03, they don’t sell the 18350 tube separately though which is a huge bummer.

It’s listed as being 45 grams excluding batty—only 1 gram lighter than full length tube. I guess most of the weight is saved with the difference between 18650 and 18350/cr123.

Seeing as my H04 is already lighter and almost as small as many other 18350 headlamps, I don’t see much advantage to going smaller. But I can’t say I wouldn’t want a shorty tube for it! It doesn’t look like the sell the tube only though.

I like the size and weight reduction (like you said mostly due to the 18350 lighter weight), here with the Astrolux S1 18350 tube :

That little Mini is just the thing I have been looking at as a back up for my ArmyTek Tiara C1 Pro (I'm on #2; the first one failed). I was wondering if the flip-up diffuser feature was handy or just a gimmick. Now I know!

So I got two in the mail, reflector and tir version. I’m sorry I didn’t get the F version - there are subtle design changes to it. If you look at the pictures new models have a spring inside to hold it closed ao no more rattle and the light reflecting problem is easy solved with a bit of paint, nail polish or thicker tape.

I have one on the way also. Saw them a week or so ago.

Just ordered an 18650 H04 myself! So the S1 18350 tube fits without issue on the H04??? I just happen to have one of those 18350 tubes just sitting around… :+1:

I asked Skilhunt whether they would sell tubes alone….they wouldn’t. :frowning:

Yeah on reddit KillZoneflashlights said they asked for short tube separately but skilhunt preferred not to sell them.

I mean I get it they don’t want to sell something that need some effort (strap wrench to unscrew the glued tube) to use. But they could just stop gluing that tube in the first place…

I unscrewed both H03 and H04 easy with no tools, just my bare hands. There’s some glue but not enough to make it hard to open.

Then again, I do a lot of deadlifts :smiley:

selling a complete flashlight makes more money

Whey sell a few $ tube when they can sell a 40ish $ flashlight?