Did we ever do a local meet up on here?

Well, I’m fairly new to this place but my other hobie community does meet ups with the locals. For example: I have a car community meetup just hang. Just wondering if people do that here too.
So… because of my flashlights… a few people around me are buying them too and what we do is we go out at night to the middle of nowhere just explore places… beaches, woods or buildings ( of course no stupid places where it says no entering after certain time lol) or a simple walk in a park with no lights and just play with our lights…
Because of my car I actually met more people that I would call them friends more than the ones I met through school or work… because we share the same passion and hobie; which are cars.

What do you guys think?

Typing flashlight into meetup's search box (any distance) shows nothing worldwide. I also run a meetup site on an unrelated subject. It takes some commitment to make them active and successful.

Wink, Texas (pop 940) - not likely to succeed

Dallas Texas - sure, worth a try.

where in new jersey are you?

I’m in Plainfield and I’ll drag roger from Cpf with me. The last Cpf meets as in the woods in pa.

in further south in mercer county, lots of woods down here and hiking trails.

Id be done for something, im in Old Bridge

It’d be cool to meet up and then immediately illuminate entire fields/landscapes.

I just randomly thought about this idea… People might think it’s boring but there all kinds of meetups out there that’s “boring” such as a book club meet in my view, some of my friends thought my car meet is boring too lol.
So… why not have a flashlight meet but call it a night hike with flashlight so it doesn’t sound as boring lol

I don’t think there has ever been a proper meetup but i have met up with individuals in the past many of us do that.

I tried to organise a Sydney meetup in the past but it never happen.

Wouldn’t take many members to turn night into day.
Night hike or night cycling sounds really enjoyable. I’m tired of winter weather glad it’s finally breaking.

Yea members on here took flashlight to a different level… the night hike and cycling I attended all carry walmart flashlight ( I was one of them, and I thought I was cool with 500 lumen lol)
Now I have a few big guns to show of this season :smiley:

I suggested a European meetup, but it never saw the light of day. Or darkness of night, as it were.

Count me in for meeting a bunch of strangers in the dark New Jersey Woods…JK, if there’s enough people should be fun.

NE ILLinos… chicagoland

I’ve met 3 BLFers so far…one of them in Pisa Italy.

Aginthelaw I’ve met in Jersey.

I think this is one of the last successful meetings:


FCW-10 / Flashlight & Camping GetTogether
(NJ + surrounding area)