Did you get your UH-2100 and Fenix E21 from DD ? Just show them here

I have known that some members have got their flashlights, please show them to us here, and share your experience with us.


I got my UH2100.XML, bright, postage was quick.

I used it today whilst working under my car. I left it on high for about ten minutes. It got very hot! It the started to whine. Stopped using it for about 30 mins. Turned it back on but it started flicking between modes. Switch seemed a bit flaky. Thought the battery (xtar) might be low. Tested it 3.9 V. Seems to be okay now. Probably wouldn't run it too long on high.

Its an okay light for the price.

Even for the Xeno E03, you are not supposed to run it on high for 10 mins! Even a 40mm reflector class light, 10 mins is really max. Unless you are in sub-zero conditions.

I forgot it was on. I wouldn't normally run it that long. It gets very hot after a few minutes.

Got mine nice and quick.

funnily enough it seems very similar to my yezl Z1.

H-M-L is a much better option for modes.

Thanks DD and keep the group buys coming!!!!

Did you not get the 5 mode with H-M-L-Strobe-SOS?

I did...

Got mine today, very fast shipping and received in perfect condition. The only problem is that my daughters fought over the Chinese decoration that was included! This is virtually identical to my Yezl Z1, parts interchange, even has the same mildly crenelated bezel. Two differences that I can see right away, besides the modes (I received the 5 mode version) - the low on my UF pulls about .08, on the Yezl it pulls .30 - much nicer low on the UF. On high, they both pull near 2.8 to 2.9. The other difference is price - the Yezl was about $30, this was about $15 - at that price, it's a bargain. The Yezl was about my favorite light, so it's nice to have two with different outputs...thanks Summer, I appreciate it.

Got my UF-2100 today. Looks like I got a DOA. The led lights up but I only get like 1 lumen out of it. I'm looking straight at the LED when it's on. I have tried a different tailcap and it's still the same :( Let's see how DinoDirect handles this...

Got my UF2100 last night. 3 modes h,l,strobe. I tried tonight, everythings work ok. Don't think I got the right tailcap measure. I got only .98, .08. I am happy with the output. For now.

I got my fenix e21's.

Nicely sealed in plastic and damn hard to get open even with a sharp knife. Be careful or you may hurt yourself. stuck in two newish duracel's. Can't see much difference between low and high. (twist the head for low). Not really a flasholics light. I am gifting one to a friend.

Can you check again with different cells? I'm thinking about buying the 3-mode but not if the driver's whack.

Anyone else got tailcap readings for the 3mode 2100?

coming soon as I find where I hid it

haha, place another order, then we can send you another Chinese Knot, then your daughters will not fight again.

And glad to know that you are satisfied with the item. thanks for your support.

Nice! I promised my wife I'll get her own flashlight and this is it. It came nicely packed and factory sealed.

Thank you Summer!

thanks, hope your wife likes it.

I just missed the group buy but DINO felt sorry for me and gave me a 5 dollar gift card.It has 3 modes and is very compact.Comes with a lanyard..Looks like it will tail stand if the Lanyard is removed. Works like a charm.Extremely bright on high.My wife sniped my Chinese Knot gift.Shipping was fast.Hope to be more on time for the next group buy..Thanks Summer for bringing us this deal.

This is my first Fenix. Superb quality with two modes.

Thanks Summer!

Here are two pictures of a 2100, which I received. It's a nice light (small and really bright). The builtquality is very good for this groupbuy price.

This pictures shows an error on the LED - this ithe the only minus of one of the lights.

E21 arrived and I really like it. 2 well spaced modes. Fits good in my standard bike mount and due to twisty-mode-selection no risk of auto-switching modes while riding on bumpy surfaces. 2 years manufacturer warranty.... all in all money well spent.

I got a xml led that looked like that yesterday.(501b) It doesn't seem to affect the beam at all.