different look at led's

I wanted to share this picture: these lights are not burning, they just reflect a UV-light held above them:

So I was playing around with my UV-light and as I lit my other lights I noticed that the led’s all reacted very different to the UV.

So there’s 2 CW lights in this picture, they reflect the Icy light blue so easy to locate.

In the middle you’ll see a fairly red small one, that’s a Nichia 219C 4000K.

The big 4-led one has SST40 5000K, they don’t reflect much color just like I see them in use: very white.

There’s 3 SST20 4000K cri95 lights that reflect very orange as far as the TIR’s let them reflect. These are my favorite led’s at the moment.

But the biggest surprise is all the Cree led’s as they are really all over the place. Is that the tint-lottery we are seeing?
There’s 3 very purple ones, these are 2 XP-L and a XP-L HI all 5000K. I.r.l. these 3 are actually OK NW, not very good but not bad either.

The 2 left-top are a XM-L2 4750K and one lower a XP-L, well: sold as a 5000K but obvious much warmer, even well under 4000K I dare guess. You probably won’t be surprised when I tell you these two look pretty warm for their specs.

On the right side there’s 3 more Cree lights under the biggest purple one, the bigger one is a XP-L hi 5300K, very nice tint i.r.l. but I wonder if it’s not some warmer? The copper one under it is a XP-E 3000k and the lowest one a XP-G2 NW (no specs known), these two look about the same in their reflection but are very different i.r.l., the XP-E is very warm-looking and de XP-G2 looks very high up the NW-part of the K-ladder.

Leaves just one Cree, the 4-th orange reflecting, a XP-G 4250K in one of the SS lights left-low, another high-favorite of mine.

So: does it mean something? Probably not but it makes for a nice colorful picture! :smiley:

Great photo! Not always easy to photograph. What is the UV light you used?

Convoy S2 with 7135x5 and Seoul CUN66A1G and ZWB2 filter.

Tried several pictures but ended up using the first. Was indeed very hard getting it right.

I noticed this a couple weeks ago. I didn’t try as many lights but I suspect part of what’s going on is the color temperature of the light AND
probably the AR coated lens that you may or may not have on some. And not all AR coatings are the same color. That was my guess a few weeks ago and seeing your pictures that is still my guess. I was using a borrowed cheap UV light without a filter and of unknown wavelength.