Different types of Group Buys?

One of the nicer things with this forum is the Group Buys. I have participated in three so far, and am very pleased with the results.

I wish to thank all the members that give of there time to organize the GBs!

But often there are some misunderstandings and confusion, and sometimes some members that wanted to participate don't find out that the group buy was active until it is sold out. To avoid this confusion I suggest that we use different types of group buys. Here are suggestions for some types:

Open Group Buy or Simple Group Buy.

This is the simplest type, and that also means the least work for the organizer. Typically for relatively cheap stuff that the seller is likely to be able to restock quickly if the demand exceed the initial threshold to start the GB. The purpose of the thread is to see if there is enough interest in the group buy to reach a minimum threshold to start the GB. If the threshold is exceeded then a coupon code is posted openly in the thread, and anyone can buy. But the members that said they were interested to participate in the GB don't receive any preferential treatment. If the stock runs out the may be without. But since they have written in the thread they can easily monitor the thread and can receive automatic notifications if they use the correct settings for notifications. It is possible that the stock sells out before all that are interested in participating has had a chance to buy, especially if they don't monitor the thread and make their purchase as soon as the GB starts.

Open/simple GBs are easy to arrange so hopefully there can be more of them.

A typical example is the GB for the Opus Dreamcharger. That GB is still open and the seller seems very willing to restock.

Normal Group Buy or Group Buy.

More administration. Can be used if it is less likely that the seller will be able to restock quickly if the GB is popular. Typically for expensive items with longer restock times. The coupon code is sent PM only to the people that has said they want to participate. That way the people that said they were interested gets preferential treatment and get a few days to buy. After a few days or a week(?) the coupon code may be posted openly in the thread, or more participants are invited, if the seller still has stock left to sell. The GB may become open, but is not likely to last very long.

Restricted Group Buy or Pre-order Group Buy.

Even more administration. Can be used if the GB means that there is a specific production run for the GB, and the size of the production run is dimensioned to the size of the GB. This GB may involve payment in advance or some form of binding agreement for participants to buy. It is unlikely that any coupon code will ever be posted. Possibly some left over stock may be sold openly if some participants backed out, or if there was some extra items produced.


When arranging a GB the sellers should be asked if they are able/willing to restock if there is a greater interest, and if it is OK to post the coupon code openly. Then the Open/Simple Group Buy can be used. And some extra work can be avoided for the person that arrange the GB. But it should be clear in the description of the GB that those who want to participate should monitor the thread closely, and be quick to buy, because that will be the only way they can be sure that they can participate in the GB once the threshold is exceeded and the GB start.

Would these types of classifications be useful, do you think?

Should there be more types?

Awesome, thanks for the write up! Certainly clarifies many things.