Diffuser for Sofirn SP36???

I recently got a Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril and freaking love it. By far the best light I have ever owned. Is there a diffuser made for it though?
Sofirn only makes one for the Q8. You would think they would make one for the SP36, as it would make an awesome lantern with the Anduril UI.

Any help?

I happened to find a spray can cap that fits over it perfectly, so I use that. But I’m also on the lookout for one. Maybe email sofirn?

I could not find one that size. The closest I could find fits the Convoy C8 which is about 3.5mm smaller. It might be doable but I don’t know. You could go window shopping in the pantry for a plastic bottle that size. For what it is worth:https://www.banggood.com/1PC-Convoy-White-Silicone-Luminous-Diffuser-Light-Cover-For-Convoy-C8C8M21A-Flashlight-Soft-Light-Shade-Lamp-Cover-p-1625984.html?rmmds=buy&ID=233&cur_warehouse=CN

Get the one for the Q8, and stick-on weatherstripping (foam stuff). Line the inside of the diffuser to shrink the opening size.

Might not be as sturdy as stretching/force-fitting it on the ’36, but it works in a pinch.

Thanks for the replies.

You would think with the popularity of this light that Sofirn would make one that is specific for it.
Putting a diffuser on this basically makes it a poor mans BLF LT1.

The Towild diffuser off AliExpress works great,

I tried to post a picture with it on mine, I no good at technology

How are are using it, backwards? Says 25-30mm.

The small end of the large Fenix diffuser would fit. It would have to be cut out.

LOL! That thing looks ridiculous. If I can’t find a better option I just might have to buy one though lol

Must be the large end of the Towild, measured my SP36 to be close to 49mm. I have been looking for a while also.

In the mean time I have cut a 49mm circle out of the top of a gallon plasitc milk jug. It will slide down to sit snuggly on the first cooling fin which protrudes just a bit.

That works great for a diffuse room light during power outages, but if the Towild fits it would make a great fold flat portable option.

I 3D printed a diffuser for my SP36. I took an existing diffuser design and resized it for the SP36 and posted it here:

PM sent

It is the other side of the Towild but it fits perfectly

Which material?

With such possibilities, you can do another one with black top and add inside top aluminium reflector. Or make same with one side nontransparent and add inside aluminium foil.
But what the efficiency of this plastic material, what about light losses?

I wanted pretty much exactly what GDF posted, as it would work perfectly and not be too expensive.

There is light loss of anywhere between 15-30% with the plastic diffuser based upon by subjective observation. If using the light indoors, standing on its tail and shining the beam at the roof is more efficient than using a diffuser. I think a diffuser only makes sense outdoors.

Also, there are some limitations with 3d printed stuff. I used PLA plastic that doesn’t like temps over 60 degrees Celsius. If you set the flashlight thermal limit below 60 and don’t use turbo, the diffuser works fine, but ideally this should be printed in heat-resistant ABS or PETG.

I was able to get some of these 3d printed by someone on Reddit. I bought 8 of them total. 6 of them are going to be clear PETG, and 2 of them are going to be clear but with a black top, so that I can use this in a tent hanging upside down, and not see the light.

I’m only keeping 4 of them, so if any of you guys are interested in one, PM me.

I discovered the Spring Valley dietary supplement bottle found at Walmart fits the SP 36 perfectly. Only downside is the one I have is green. I don’t know what other colors are out there but next time I am in the store I will look.