DINODIRECT - Devious or just idiots? Edit - Correct item arrived.

29th November - I decide to order the Sunwayman V60C from Dinodirect, just under $115 dollars in their sale.

4th December - I get an email informing me it has been despatched.

7th December - They send me an email inviting me to view a picture of my package as it was despatched.


I think Dinodirect have lost me as a customer for good.

I strongly suspect they didn't want to sell the V60C at the sale price. so they have deliberately sent me this sh*t.

The second I get some red plastic lips phone delivered, I'll be doing a chargeback.

Summer, when you read this, I'm not interested in Dinopoints or store credit. I want what I ordered, without waiting for months. What are you going to do about this?

lmao..you sure you wouldn't rather the phone? tempting......

does it do anything other than make phone calls? looks like it could

LOL im sure they just sent you the wrong picture.

the torch is inside the packaging. the packaging is wrong but contents will be fine. ;)

I vote for the phone.

Are these the same guys who were sending out std Alu Sunwayman lights when they should have sent Ti lights?

Well , could simply be

1. Some one has emailed you the wrong picture

2. Some one else is getting your flashlight [ and your getting there lip service ]

3. DD , I suspect they sell a lot of stuff so stuff might happen .

Note to self - remember to video the opening of this package when it arrives...


I am sorry Pantaloonie, I couldn't keep it quiet

I would wait till you got the package before declaring war. If you do get a red lip phone, then go bananas but save yourself a little stress and wait.

I haven't had a lot of experiance with DD, but when I had a problem they were very helpfull on their chat line and resolved the problem very quickly. This was for a cheap light, not something expensive, so YMMV. I would think though that if you get the lip phone, them having sent you a pic showing the lip phone in your basket probably goes a long way to proving your point. You could certianly live chat with them, but probably they will just tell you to wait untill something arives before they send out another ~$130 light. There is every posibility that the pic is simply wrong.

Best of luck!, let us know how it works out.

ROFL :bigsmile: Sorry, dude, couldn't resist either :bigsmile:

No, really, hope you will get your Sunwayman ;) Best luck.

Kissy, Kissy!

“We sorry you not like your product. Maybe you have a friends who enjoy this red lipped phone? We please to offer you a $5 gift card if you keep phone.

Is there anything else we can help you with?”


This is a very serious situation but that is some funny stuff. I hope it all works out and I'm sure it will.

well, worse case scenario i can see is you wait twice as long as you should for shipping of your v60c, and have a huge set of lips to play with while your waiting. may i suggest a pound of tanerite in those big lips?

Man, you're not alone

I talked to Sharon on chat and without even looking at the picture from the link i gave her, she assured me that my order is ok ...???? She even told me that the picture of the bag was for the packaging, once again without her even bother look at the picture link i gave her. This is my 29th purchase from DD. I hope it just a mistake of sending out the wrong pic

Looks like somebody didn’t get the memo.

Man! I hope I get some big lips instead of fake, unprotected TrustFires!

EDIT: You know, if you cover-up the lower lip, this thing may have possibilities!

DD= Avoid: Nice xmas present- NOT