Dinodirect Scam alert

on 08.06.2012 i ordered some flashlights and accesories from Dinodirect. after i selected items to buy i contacted their live chat for specify DHL shipping. They agreed to ship with DHL and also they applied a discount from 183 i should pay only 155USD.
i paid and i waitted for shipping 9 days. After 9 days i obseved that they partially shipped my order with regular post not with DHL as we agreed. They shipped only items with value of 40USD. i contacted them and i got the answer ” Dear customer we would like to inform you that is no problem because regular post shipping is an express shipping method too …great…20 days for shipping is express.
i contacted them again and said to not ship anymore items and to refund my money because i was needing that items fast…in maximum 10 days, and ofcourse i got only evasive answers…we will refund just you need to wait, we do our best for your satisfaction. after few more days i opened a dispute on pay pal and asking for refund. After this Dinodirect contacted me and asked me to close the dispute so they can refund me oterwise the money will be blocked by pay pal.
I refused to close dispute untill i get the money back.
Now is 04.07.2012, almost 1 month of contacting them evry 3-4 days and since i paid and i get a refund of only for 94USD from all amount of 155 i paid.
you can check any time the authenticy of what i say here only logging on my Dinodirect account witch i will never use it again.
username: lanterneled@yahoo.com
password: scamdinodirect
here go to My orders -> my order hystory .
you will see that this one was the second transaction…same faith with first one…partial shippment and then refunded me only a part of my order…
So be advised…NEVER buy from Dinodirect…kepp this in mind…i was tempted of thei “good offers” and i ignored all bad feedback i found about them.
if someone need more informations can contact me on e-mail: lanterneled@yahoo.com
if you assume the risk you can try buy from them but i get burned 2 times….i am enough.
Verry long shipping time, 90% of cases you will get partial shipping, some items have bad bad quality and not real specifications.
please loonk on my first place order to see that i ordered Ultrafire 504B flashlights with XM-L T 6 led and i recived some cree Q5 led and 2 of them another typed of led that i dont recognize but NOT XM-L T6…well….i recived great compensation …a cupon of 7 USD to use on my next purchase, a cupon that is not working.

Ouch! If you need your items in a maximum of 10 days, it is not reasonable to expect a Chinese drop shipper to be able to get them to you. I understand the rest of your story but I think you are expecting way too much out of them. Sounds like you should pay more somewhere else and get better products and faster shipping.

You can’t expect 1st rate service from the absolute cheapest place you can find. You get what you pay for. That being said, if you paid for faster shipping and they took your money but shipped it a slower and cheaper method, they owe you for shipping. I’ve had Ebay sellers do that to me and it is slimy

i dont deal with them anymore, i have another wholesale website with better prieces and great servicess.
i just wanted to warn other buyers from this situations.
is not about 20USD, is not a fortune, is just about that all peoples who are facing this situations should share their experience and this bad companies to sell as much as their services level.
if you log in in that dinodirect account you can observe that is mentioned DHL shipping (and no matter of seller DHL is still pretty fast and i could have the items within 10 days) just Dinodirect say that will ship with DHL and afterall they shipp with “another express shipping method” witch is Regular HK Post.

better prices than DD, really? i doubt that. DD has special sales all over year, for example these days we got the 3rd Anniversary Sale. And it's the bomb.


you just can’t compete with DD…regular companies have an anniversary sale and they lower prices to get more buyers…DD doubles the price of the one item people actually buy…who does this? marketing geniuses do…DD is on another level… :bigsmile:

I understand. I am just saying DD can be OK if you don’t expect too much from them. I am thinking of posting a sticky of how to order from DD because there are DOs and DON’Ts.


Order only one item at a time.

File a PP claim before the time runs out if you don’t have your items, for any reason.

Check their price, it is not always the lowest. Sometimes they change the price on items and if you are not aware, you will get soaked. Shop around.

Use your points on each order. I have heard tales of points just dissapearing so use them, don’t save them.


Order something that you know is a mistake. You won’t get a bargain of the century from them. They simply won’t ship it if they made a price mistake.

Bother with CS. Just file your PP claim and deal with it that way. Their CS is a waste of time and will just give you the run around and lie to you. PP is your leverage, use it.

Pay extra for shipping. Too many tales of them shipping the slow way but taking the extra money for DHL.

Expect anything sooner than 2 weeks. It just isn’t going to happen. If you are the kind of person who gets all stressed because you haven’t got an update after 2 days, order from somewhere else. Place your order and just chill for at least two weeks before you even think about checking into it.

In which way is it the bomb? I checked it out and the prices were average at best. The Sky Ray King is over $100 now during their “sale”. I bought one a few weeks ago from them for $59.

i’m pretty sure it was sarcasm…there’s no way anyone could think it was “the bomb” lol

I wouldn’t say DON’T deal with customer service. I would say try the chat at least. I have used chat a few times and have been happy with the results each time. They were pretty flexible and able to resolve things to my satisfaction within minutes.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of them charging extra for express shipping and not doing it, so that is a good DON’T.

Also DON’T buy Eneloops from them.

for kreisler:
ok, drop the bomb…maybe you will catch some more customers but still Dinodirect remain one verry bad seller.
you should just ask details and to try to solve the problem i described up. this is the way you earn customers respect not by “dropping bombs”
again…about that program with hmm…i dont know the name…about report lower pricess available on other websites. i submmited you a lower price on dealextreme for that trustfire flame 3000mA batteryes….no answer…you keep that hogh price and not even a response to me…

sorry Speedsix

100% agree with you but only for PreSale live help…for AfterSale is total another story. you will get only evasive answers, long time responds and lies.

hello again
i just observed that you shipped my order number NG417392-DD.
i said i want DHL shippment, i was chatting with someone from customers support and he said will send it with DHL , on my order historry it is mentioned that will be shipped with DHL and now i can see that it was shipped with REGULAR POST. why? why you shipped it with regular post? i choosed DHL. Will be blocked at customs and confiscated with regular post!
please refund me the entire amount i paid and keep your packages, i dont need them anymore. please do this as friendly measure
i cant belive….you just assured me that all will be ok, and we can build a long term business relation and now you ship my order with another courier without noticing me….is not normal!. i wanted that package very fast. not in 3-4 weeks.
again…just refund me all money i paid.

thank you

Dear valued customer,
Thanks for your contacting.
Sorry for the inconvenience we brought to you.
The tracking number RC167881375HK is also a express shipping way. You can check it at http://www.17track.net/IndexEn.html
Hope you can accept it. As to other items, they are in prepatation. Please give it more time. Thanks.
Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

this answer is valid for almost all problems…copy paste = happy customers

I feel sorry for you. I understand the frustration!!!
Maybe Paypal can help you to get your full credit back?

We all know that many people had some bad experience with them. (see the Dinodirect thread)
So, I`m sorry to hear you didnt know about this before your order.
On the other side… I think you were doing pretty safe and asking to ship with DHL, while it is mentioned to be a method of shipment. And Even 10 days should have been OK, if they really had shipped them with DHL. So I don`t agree with Speedsix on this. (keeping in mind that most probably the OP didn`t know too much about DD, and believed they could ship with DHL)


I’m on your side and refuse to deal with DD because of their consistent history of shenanigans. There are plenty of other flashlights sellers who are still honest and understand the concept of customer satisfaction in order to grow business. I mean really, it’s just not worth it. I wish more of the ebay sellers would stock up on the new and popular flashlights. They would be at the top of my list if that happened.

Yeah, DD still sucks. I won’t deal with them, too many frustrations.

i said before that i found better pricess and great servicess .
you can try powerwholesale.net i dont know if they sell piece by piece but i bought wholesale quantities from them.
great servicess, fast shipping.
my order was placed almost same time as dinodirect and was over 700USD order. DHL shipped. package was ready in 3 days and from china to romania another 4 days. so it is decent shipping time.

is not advertising just sharing my experiencess.

i was trying in the past wsdeal too and they are pretty ok…long time to prepare shipping (about 10-15 days) but afterall they shipped with DHL as i asked and items were ok.

All of my experiences were post-sale and they resolved everything quickly and to my satisfaction. I realize people may have different experiences, but DD has always been pretty decent for me, though obviously there are some serious caveats with them.

There are quite a few places even here in the US that will give DD all they want and then some. I have a guy that I deal with that ships my order every single time in 3 days to my door. And he gets it right 100% of the time, and he stands behind what he says and tells it like it is. That loyalty, honesty and integrety is something that DD will never have nor will they ever care to understand what true customer service is all about.

I for one don’t miss dealing with DD one bit. I sleep a lot better at nite, too. And I don’t have to worry about them screwing up my order or telling me anymore lies. No coupon code regardless of the amount or any flashlight discounts is going to get me to do business with them again.

I had my issues with CS. They lied about my package being shipped when they didn’t have any in stock and couldn’t locate my item. They stall for time to find a source but sometimes fail and just don’t send the items until you request a refund. Bottom line, if you don’t have your item in 44 days, file a PP claim. If DD can’t mail you a flashlight in a month and a half, that’s not your problem, it is their’s.