DinoDung lives!

I have been waiting a long time to restore the DinoDung to it's former, albeit brief, glory. Today everything finally came together and I am happy to report that the DinoDung not only lives but it is better than ever.

DinoDung was sent to me free of charge by the good folks at Dinodirect sometime last year. Other members also got free DD lights. It was almost a universal experience that the DD shone brightly for about 10 seconds and then fried its driver. I have been waiting for a driver from DX for many months and finally ordered the same driver http://www.focalprice.com/LFD68G/15mm27mm_27V6V_3W_LED_Driver_Circuit_Board_for_CREE_P7Q5_Emitter_Green.html from focalprice, which I received promptly. The original emitter was some generic POS so it was replaced with a Q5 that Brted was kind enough to send me a while back. The Q5 was used, and then replaced by an XML, in my Fenix E20. Side note, Fenix E20 is the greatest flashlight ever made. The Q5 was mounted to a modified U.S. dime and mounted in the DD. I am running the DD with a 14500 and dummy battery. Not ideal but it works fine.

I would do a full review of this light but an exhaustive review of the DD has already been posted on this site by my friend EDC. Perhaps he will favor us with a repost of that review.

I love it when a plan finally comes together.

actually....that's an ok looking light (now that it works)

For those that missed it....

DD Free light =

It really is not a bad light. I forgot how nice the XR-E can be, it really can throw out nice beam.

My one looked great - for 8 seconds......

i didn't see the original review when I ordered what I thought was a Led Lenser P6 clone with a 3-mode cree (link) from a brooklyn seller last month (scammed, not cree, not 3-mode). Glad to see I'm in good company, and that the light actually has a name. :)

with real 3-mode sk68's price dropping to $7 now, and I've got more sk68s than rechargeable batteries; there is no point in modding this 2AA dung in my parts box. gotta admit though, that it's quite a looker. s)