Direct thermal path 25mm MCPCB for ZY-T08

I know this isn’t really anything new but thought it may help a few folks.

I recently picked up a couple of Small Sun ZY-T08s to see what all the fuss was about. One was to have a Q-Lite stacked to 6 amps and the other with a BLF17DD FET driver, both using Samsung INR 18650-25R cells as well as the usual resistance mods.

I knew I’d have to do something about the non-direct path, 25mm MCPCB but didn’t want to have to deal with a 20mm copper MCPCB interfering with the reflector. This is what I came up with.

I purchased a 10 pack of cheap, 25mm aluminum MCPCBs. I could have used the original ones from the lights but knew I’d screw a few up.

The MCPCB was then glued to a 1” copper round with AA and attached to a piece of wood for drilling.

I drilled two holes through the center pad just a hair smaller than the diameter of some copper wire I had lying around, I think it was AWG 12 gage.
Cut a couple of pieces of wire and filed one end of each piece flat then lightly sand, coat with flux and press fit until flush with the pad.
Solder the wire into place.

Cut the excess wire off and file flush.

Once the lapping starts I can’t even see where the wire is soldered in.

Just add de domed XM-L2s and good to go.
Now the only messing around I need to do is for the sake of focus.

Like I said, I know I’ve seen someone here add wire for a direct thermal path but don’t remember if he added the copper disc. My thinking is it should increase the contact with the pill to aid in heat transfer.

So far seems to work well, I’ve run both lights through a fully charged set of batteries without any problems.

Sweetness. Very clever approach. I will be copying that when I get around to my T08. Thank you Itinifni.

Nice idea and nicely done.

Sweet!!! Version 2.0 of the Stinkpad…nice :smiley:

Very resourceful. Nice work itinifni!

Well done. Very clean assembly! I've messed with simething similar a few times and it can be a complete pita to get right. Impressive ;-)

Extremely well done. I dip my hat to your skills.

Nice idea!

There's a lot of evolution going on at BLF, nice, this brings the 'copper core' method to the next level :-)

very good!

can i this do with a normal copper board too ?

Very clean work. I did that to a 10mm mcpcb alu/cu sandwich for a Solitaire last year but yours is much nicer.