Disable all modes of a Sky Ray King

I have a “Sky Ray King” with 8 LEDs. The flashlight has three modes, hi beam, low beam and strobe. I would like to disable all modes except the hi beam. Ideally what I would like to have is a click to turn the light on the brightest and another click to turn it off. Since I could not find this topic anywhere I am turning to this forum, if anyone could figure out the driver.

Unfortunately, I found no markings on the chip that seems to be the largest of all with 8 leads - so I could not research it. Any advice (maybe a pic to point out what to bridge or disconnect) is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Welcome to BLF! PS: You have to reduce that picture size. There's options in the image link to change the resolution. Use 800x600 or so, maybe little less.

Someone else might have experience in working with disabling modes, not sure (don't think so), but for me, I'd piggyback in a simplistic driver that supports the e-switch, and is configured for one mode only. A FET based driver would do it, but it would probably get you more power/amps than the stock driver, which might be a problem because your light is probably using fake LED's made by LatticeBright, and don't think they can handle high amps too well.

The problem is modes are implemented in firmware of the 8 pin MCU there, and is probably in the PIC family - most are. As far as I know, no one re-programs those. We've solved this problem many times over, but it calls for a driver replacement, or at least an MCU replacement custom wired. A driver like this: http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=67_117&product_id=604, or a smaller one wired up piggyback style. Lot of options, nothing too cheap unless you can reflow boards, then buy a parts kit from MtnE to save a couple bucks.

A simple low budget (no cost), and very risky way is to directly wire up the batt+ to LED+, and batt- to LED-, but, the switch won't work (must unscrew the battery tube), and no other protections like low voltage detection. Might have to use thinner and longer wires to add resistance to reduce power to the LED's. This of course can be risky biz, if too much power, might blow out the LED's or melt the springs, etc...... Lots of fun in experimenting.

I'm working on the driver/firmware for a similar group buy light (only 4 LED's) in the works here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/39069, but obviously much more advanced than what you want.

Thanks for the prompt response. Reduced the images too.

I was suspecting that the 8 pin chip holds the modes. I really don’t want to reprogram the firmware - just want to eliminate the modes all together, any way I can. Suppose I remove the 8 pin chip ? Would I have to reconnect the circuit continuity along the way or could that chip be in parallel ?

Lose the MCU, you lose the switch - switch is electronic, so handled in firmware.

I don’t know what kind of driver this is but if the mcu just uses PWM for the gate of the FET you could remote the mcu and use the e-switch to trigger the FET.
You would get a momentary light then (only on then you push the button). you could replace this with a on/of pushbutton and get the function you want without too much modding.

Ehm isn’t that stobe hidden?
A lot of work to avoid that one extra click to turn it off :slight_smile:

Oh nice, all mine (7) came with the same basic UI
click ON high
click switch to low
click OFF
click and hold from ON or OFF makes it strobe.

heheh I am in no need for another
the latest quad that came was rubbish, I emailed vendor, who apologised and said he was going to send a new one
And I bought a 7 ledded because it has a head design I do not know.
So with the other soda can lights I have more srk type flashlights then any other type of flashlight already.
And of course Tom is going to send me BLF Q8 V1 driver YAY (and have two SRK V2 RMM drivers to build in and 2 V1 RMM drivers to assemble)