Disabling turbo?

This has been brought up on another thread and instead of there I ask here- How does one disable turbo in Anduril?

With light turned on, 10H, hold till 4th option, release button, don’t click anything and just wait 2 sec, then its done.

Will that work on the Emisar D2 also

It should work on any Anduril2 light.

Ramp Extras Config Menu shown top left and the no turbo option circled in green

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I have tried that like 5 times the uv still comes on on turbo
And now both channels come on at the same time

by default the D2 ships in Tint Mixing mode… so when you do 2C it turns both on. You can control the mix by using 3H, which will ramp the mix towards one LED or the other.

If you dont want mixing, try changing Misc Config to Channel Toggle. It still uses 3H to switch channels, but it wont mix them:

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Where did this new flow chart come from? TIA!

Thanks jon that did it but I still can not turn off turbo yet and when turbo come on both channels are active


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courtesy of containerfan:

the light has to be in Advanced mode to change the Turbo preference… also notice that to disable Turbo in Advanced we need to use Ramp Extras Config (10H from ON), not Ramp Config (10H from OFF only disables Turbo for Simple mode, and 7H from ON does not access Turbo settings for Advanced)

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Thanks jon It seems to be a timing issue with me. I finally got it to no turbo. toggle between channels and almost right. :wink:

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Thanks jon and containerfan!

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update about disabling Turbo in TiTS10…

after disabling Turbo, the TiTS10 still uses a Turbo equivalent Ceiling of 150150 by factory default

the light gets Hot and steps down a lot when using Ceiling of 150, Im using a ceiling of 90… more details here

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Can’t you just choose an option that doesn’t have turbo?

yes, you do not have to use Turbo…

since I disable Turbo, 2C goes to ceiling instead

the gotcha is that the ceiling is set to turbo on the Ti model, but not on the Aluminum model

but yes, you dont have to use 2C at all… you can just ramp to lower outputs than the equivalent of a ceiling level of 90/150…

or you can set the ceiling to 90, and use 2C if you choose to go there, it will maintain about 225 lumens, which is plenty for indoor use.

by limiting the ceiling to level 90, the light wont get as hot, and wont step down to 75 lumens, like it does if using higher outputs…

my goal is to prevent triggering thermal step down to 75 lumens.