TS10 Titanium thermal testing

First impressions
TiTS10 6000K w RGB Aux

after disabling Turbo, I did some ceiling tests

Advanced ceiling is set to 150/150 and gives 950 lumens on my meter (Same as Turbo… my meter reads low on high outputs), the light gets hot immediately and steps down to 75 lumens in 30 seconds

I tested
ceiling 120, gives 490 lumens, steps down to 75 lumens in 30 seconds
ceiling 100, gives 320 lumens, also steps down to 75 lumens in 30 seconds
ceiling 90, gives 225 lumens, steps down to 175 lumens in 60 seconds
ceiling 80, gives 150 lumens, steps down to 138 lumens in 60 seconds
ceiling 70, gives 80 lumens, sustained
ceiling 50, gives 20 lumens sustained

after those tests I set the advanced smooth ceiling to level 90 = 245. Also raised thermal ceiling to 55C. This allows the light to sustain about 225 lumens for at least the first 90 seconds… it helps if the light is held in a fist, to help cool the bezel, which becomes noticeably hot, but not unbearable.

will be happy to share more info if anyone has questions…

The Red Flag to be aware of is that Advanced Ceiling is set to level 150 from the factory, so disabling Turbo has no effect. The Ceiling Must be lowered, considerably lower than on the Aluminium lights.

My preliminary testing leads me to suggest that the Titanium TS10 Ceiling should be manually set to level 90/150 in Advanced Smooth, Advanced Stepped, and in Simple Smooth and Simple Stepped.

I hope others with better light meters will do some thermal testing to confirm or improve, my output estimates and step downs.

my settings:

carry weight of TiTS10 w battery and clip: 64 grams
aluminium TS10 w battery and clip: 51 grams
the Ti is 25% heavier

Opple 3 tint duv:

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Ceiling is 150 from the factory? Really? So there’s no turbo from the factory kinda

correct, that is my assessment, I hope someone will confirm

In my TiTS10, on my lumen meter. I got the same 2C output from Turbo
as after disabling Turbo

that is what made me realize the Ti advanced smooth ramping ceiling is 150/150

In the Aluminium TS10, the factory advanced smooth ceiling is level 120/150.

And then there’s that:

Have you seen anything like that with yours?
(apart from the 4000K having green tint, OFC)

From the results of @jon_slider test I think titanium is beautiful but is the baddest material for dissipation. In the aluminium version my 4000K at 150 level smoke so the wow effect is unbelievable but for the LEDs it’s a bed thing. So I set 100 for ceiling but also at 100 the head is a little bit warm.
Olight in titanium version (like warrior3s) reduce the amount of amps and give you lower lumen at full power. For Aluminium 2300 lumens and for titanium 1800

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Did yours actually smoke? Mine never have, but I took the optic out of them, i have two ts10s, and there was flux residue on at least one emitter in both of them. I wonder if smoke was that burning off. I mean it’s bad either way obviously, I’m just curious

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I saw a post on Reddit showing one unglued tailcap

I also saw one showing the bezel gap tilted.

I also saw a complaint that the bezel gap is slightly wider than on Aluminium and accusation that the cause is an optic whose legs are too long.

My tailcap seems solidly glued, no problem there.

My bezel gap is not tilted, no problem there

Yes the bezel gap is wider, but I cant say if that is because the optic has longer legs (could be verified by comparing two optics, but I have not tried.). Im not too bothered by the bezel gap size.

imo a wider bezel gap could also be from a thicker mcpcb, or taller shelf, have not investigated.

Yes the Tint DUV is higher than some of my aluminium TS10 that also have 6000K LEDs, but I also have an Aluminium TS10 with higher duv than my Ti…

I do not feel my 6000K is “too green”, even though it is above BBL. In cooler CCT, I dont find positive duv as disturbing. Especially during the day, since the sun also has positive duv, Im not seeing green.

On my 4000K aluminum TS10 whose DUV is almost smack dab on the BBL, duv 0.0008. I leave it to others to report the duv of their 4000K

overall, Im quite satisfied w my TiTS10, despite its need for a lower ceiling to be sustainable.

fwiw, Ive also learned that the max regulated output on aluminum lights is level 130, but on the TiTS10 it was changed to level 91.

That suits me fine, since Im using a ceiling of level 90, which gives me Sustainable output, and Regulated output, as well as.

Im satisfied w my TiTS10 set to a ceiling of 90/150.

that discussion is here

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Excellent! Thank you very much @jon_slider for the detailed report, it’s quite the balm for our anxious waiting for our TiTS10!

It’s weird to me that wurkkos would want the ceiling set to 150 by default. Purely from a business perspective i mean. Sounds like it’d just be a headache for them. Just people emailing to ask where turbo went is a headache in itself.

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Red Al, MAO Al, Silver Al, TiTS10:

my present TiTS10 settings:
highly recommend changing the Advanced ceilings to 90/150 = 225 lumens sustainable and regulated, as imo the 150/150 default is a bad idea, because the light will step down to 75 lumens…

also note that the TiTS10 low mode ramp seems to have slower PWM, than the Aluminium on the lowest modes… level 2, which is 0.02 lumens, still shows dots when waving the light… I have moved to using level 5, which is 0.05 lumens

and present aluminum TS10 settings:
note it was not necessary to change the advaned smooth ceiling to 120/150, as that is the Aluminium default.

for the floor on my Aluminum TS10’s, I use level 2, which is 0.3 lumens, because it does not show dots when waving the light, the way level 1 does, which is 0.2 lumens.

it seems the Ti model has lower lows but also slower PWM on level 2, than the aluminum model on level 2… It seems to me that the ramp shape has changed on the Ti model.

Another thing that changed is that the NoFet level on the TiTS10 seems to be level 91/150. On the Aluminium I believe the NoFet level is 130/150.

And lastly, the default ceiling in advanced smooth ramping has changed to level 150/150 on the Ti model. otoh, the advanced smooth ceiling on the Aluminum models is level 120/150

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‘I also saw a complaint that the bezel gap is slightly wider than on Aluminium and accusation that the cause is an optic whose legs are too long.’

I have this on my copper one I recently got, I’m not entirely happy with it tbh that bezel should screw down tight on to the body, on mine I can get a fingernail in the gap, I can’t measure the gap but I can measure the thickness of my fingernail which about 0.65mm (doesn’t sound much but it’s very noticeable) - and you know what it’s like with things like that… you just can’t unsee it!
Never had a light like that before, it wasn’t enough to complain to them about though (or is it??).There were also various black marks on it.

I’d say that is exactly what the problem is (legs too long)- but a customer should not have to unglue the head, dismantle it, shorten legs and then reassmble on a new item. You can see here the gap is easily 10x the gap body side and you can see the black marks (not patina)

Yes the Ti bezel gap is larger than the gap on the Aluminium models… I can also get a fingernail between the Ti Bezel and head, but for me, that is not a problem.

I dont know if the issue is that the MCPCB is thicker, or the optic legs are longer, I have not disassembled to compare the size of the optics legs, but I seriously doubt it is different. I think more likely, is a thicker mcpcb… but Im just guessing…

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Thanks for all of the great information :+1:

I set the ceiling on my Ti TS10 for 90 . It seems fine for what I use the light for. As in, navigating the house with the lights off.
I will just take that into consideration when I select which of my TS10s to grab when I am going to need more light.
Or just grab a bigger light for those things.

Looking at my Ti and a black AL model next to each other, the bezel to body gap is not significantly different on the Ti. In fact, using a standard (?) business card as a “feeler gauge” , the gap on the black TS10 is just very slightly tighter. The gap on the Ti appears larger, but I think it is the contrast between the body and dark groove that makes it appear larger.
The bezel, and optic all seem to be well aligned and square with each other. Maybe I am just lucky in this case. It would be interesting to understand the source of the variations… but as mine is good, I am not going to take it apart.

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I keep hearing that that gap is wider, but whenever I do a side-by-side with my Cu or Al TS10’s, it isn’t. It looks different because light reflects differently, and the Ti version seems to have a bit more of a bevel. which makes sense for Ti because I’ve cut enough of it. However, the gap itself as about what it is on the Al version.

The other side of the head by the battery tube is a different story. Maybe my TiTS10’s have the MCPCB mounted a hair lower?

Yup !

Yes the tube to head gap is bigger on my TI. Not something I am concerned with, as the O-ring still seals fine.

That’s all I really care about.

Gaps Vary

My Ti Head Gaps are both bigger, at both ends, bezel and body, than on my Aluminum lights…

I dont really mind.

Even at that, they are soo close… certainly not a functional problem.
But I understand there are lots of perfectionists around here. Plus it give us something to discuss… :japanese_ogre:

btw I just noticed that my Ti Bezel was unscrewing, so I snugged it up with a strap wrench so its a bit more than barehand tight.

speaking of little details that get to me,
I scratched a double line all the way around the head of my TiTS10, because I did not lift up the stock pocket clip, when unscrewing the head… I will try not to overthink it. Though I wish the clip had not come preinstalled… oh well… Poor Me. First World Problems… :wink:

fwiw, I know I could resurface the bezel with emery paper… Im trying not to think about it… lol

I did Polish my Ti w Sunshine Cloth… it got rid of the slightly grippy stock sandblast feel. I prefer the smoother hand feel… Its slightly more shiny too… and I like shiny. All the pics are taken after the polish, so what you see is what I get.

I was not going to buy the Sandblast, but, Im quite glad I did, because its not too dull, it has a nice sheen to it…

Overall, Im really enjoying this little Ti Lump… :wink:
despite the fact that its 13 grams heavier… fwiw, thats equivalent to the weight of carrying an extra 5 USA Pennies in my pocket, with an Aluminium TS10…

anyway, yes… nothing better to do, than get into the minutiae of my lights… :wink:

what should I buy next? LOL

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Won’t dirt/lint/etc get lodged into there?