Discharging !!

Is there a way to discharge batteries without a charger ? So far i've just put them in an incan light and let that drain them is that any good or just pointless...

For descharging Li-ion I use a 12volt 20Watt incandescent bulb.

You simply connecto to the battery.... it will draw around 1A and check the voltage each 5 minutes.

When voltage is 3,80volt stop discharging, the battery is ready to store.

If you want less voltage, NEVER drop it below 2,75 volt, or even better never below 3,6 volt

Sorry i should of said NIMH cells

I don't know, either.

I prefer to discharge them to 1V or 0.9V. It is best to discharge them singly so that one doesn't start reverse charging which is bad for them. But it gets very tedious.

One of those 2AA plastic incans that Tescos sell for 99p is fine for the job. The light will be very dim by 2V.

In general I reckon that discharging NiMH cells is not all that useful, it's just adding more cycles to the cell. The non-LSD ones discharge themselves fast enough anyway....

The higher the claimed capacity, the faster the self-discharge. The far from cheap "2700mAh" cells I bought a few years ago were pretty much junk from the start. The best of them will now be lucky to give 1400mAh on a good day.

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