Dive light for VIDEO and PHOTOS underwater

Hi all, I’m looking for good advice to get a dive light to mount onto my point and shoot.

Will be using it for shooting pictures on dives and some videos.
Looking for something like the XTAR D26 just with a wide angle (pref. 90-120degrees).

Having a hard time finding a light to fit the category. looking to stay under 120$.


1) WIDE angle (90-120 degrees)
2) Minimal to no hotspots
3) Bright lumens (1000lmn-8000lmn) *the bigger the better for Video
4) reliable down to 45M dives
5) Mountable (I have a cold shoe mount on top of my point and shoot marine case *for my TS5 Lumix) – I found a cold shoe universal flex arm that can hold up to 31mm diameter body

Ebay has this thing: ([MCOPLUS] LE-160Y 2000LM Diving LED Light 40m ) no good information, but I can imagine that it wont have much of a hotspot problem, but might reflect a lot of particles in the water in my opinion.
Any thoughts on what to look for?

I don’t know much, but have been learning a LOT over last 2 weeks.
Underwater flash light seem interesting for photos underwater but I doubt they work well with video, and I want a simple setup so I decided to go for a video dedicated light since it can eluminate enough for photos and shoot decent videos.

The ones I’ve seen are mules since the LEDs already have a 135 degree spread but also often include a red emitter as below 30’ red light has been mostly absorbed.

true, I’m really liking the Impact Stubby Dive Light . nice 140degrees and 1000 lumens with a single 26650 rechargeable. Simple ON/OFF. should last a while…