Diving Specialist XML 3-Mode / TANK007 HC-128 XR-E Show & Tell

Hi folks...I purchased both of these lights from Manafont recently and they arrived 20 days after being shipped. The Tank HC-128 is nothing new here, but I've never seen anyone mention the Diving Specialist XM-L 3-mode, so I figured I may as well post about both.

Since purchasing the SkyRay KING, it renewed my interest in side-clickie lights, so I decided to purchase a couple of side-clickies more geared for EDC and then some. Obviously the Diving Specialist is a diving light designed for about 100m under water, but I tend to use my diving lights more out of the water than in, so I'll still be carrying both of these as soon as I can find appropriate holsters for them. Both lights arrived in mint condtion and in perfect working order. The Diving Specialist is only slightly longer and a bit larger diameter than the TANK. Threads on the DS light were exceptional and the TANK's were very good.

Although the Diving Specialist was $55.00 including free shipping, after receiving it and using it, it was worth the money. The TANK was about $28.00, and I feel it was also worth the price.

Foreground is the Diving Specialist XML 3-Mode, 650 lumen and requires 1 x 18650. It works great with either a flat top or button. Behind it is the TANK007 HC-128 XR-E, 5-Mode, 220 lumen and requires 1 x 18650 and also works with a flat top or button top.

Just a photo next to the SR KING and DRY for scale.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but the Diving Specialist has a very slight OP reflector (superficial) and the TANK has a slightly heavier amount of OP. Both produce a great non-ringy beam and color tint is excellent. I'd say the DS light is about 5500K and I'd put the TANK at roughly 5800k-6000k.

Just a hand-hold for scale. I'm really loving the side clickie on these. Easy one-hand operation.

What also sold me on the Diving Specialist is when turned on, the clickie illuminates in a very nice blue making it easy to see the switch, whether under water or just using it at night out of the water. Runtime on one 18650 is rated at 5 hours on HIGH. It should also be noted the light is designed to work perfectly with the latest 18650's like Redilast 3100's, as well as the TANK too.

Having fully anodized threads, it does incorporate the Lock-out feature. The switch does take above average pressure to turn the light on, so I doubt the Lock-out feature is necessary, but very welcome to have.

NOTE: I'm not 100% sure, but likely the Diving Specialist incorporates a digital switch. Therefore, when not in use when a battery is inserted, it may be good practice to make use of the Lock-Out feature. I don't have the ability to measure parasitic drain, should it exist on this light, but it should be assumed until further information on this is uncovered.

An indoor beam shot up against a white backdrop. Diving Specialist on Left, TANK HC-128 Right. Both on HIGH mode.

The switch on the DS light has two functions. Press and release it comes on HIGH, press again, MED, press LOW. Hold 2 seconds on any brightness for OFF.

To enable the hidden strobe and SOS functions, press and hold for 2 seconds from the OFF position and it'll start pulsing like a heart beat. Press again for SOS function, press again for a really super high speed strobe effect that almost got me sick. No other flashlight strobe has ever had that effect on me. I guess they should have added the fact it will ward off an attacker too. As with the normal lighting function, simply hold down the switch for 2 seconds for OFF at any point when within the hidden strobe function. It always defaults to the normal HIGH-MED-LOW setting.

Another good point is on HIGH-MED-LOW, there was absolutely no PWM whatsoever. It must be current-controlled, which is great.

The TANK has no visible PWM on HIGH mode, but I did detect a faint heartbeat of PWM on both LOW and MED settings.

As for output on the DS, I'd say it's actually about 400+ lumens, or about twice the brightness of the TANK. I wasn't able to get a tail reading, but if I do, I'll be sure to post the amps.

Still, I love both of these lights and very happy with the performance.


This isn't a shot-out, since both lights have different emitters. As the title suggests, just a Show & Tell.

TANK007 HC-128 XR-E - Rated 220 Lumen

Diving Specialist XML- Rated 650 lumen. The floody hot spot is actually dead center of the shrubs. Due to the great amount of spill, it makes the beam appear as if it was pointed towards the ground.

Thanks for the review, nice lights.

Thanks for the review! That DS looks like a really nice light. Any chance for some pics of the threads and internals? Outdoor beam shots might be nice to. :bigsmile:

Thanks folks.

Actually tomorrow I'm going to try and unscrew the driver from the inside and take a look around in there. I was having trouble trying to get in there tonight, but I'll give it another shot. I also really want to check the soldering too. I'll add some beam shots tomorrow night of both lights for sure.

It's funny because I felt I was taking a chance on the Diving Specialist light since there are no reviews or anything about it that I could find on the internet. It really feels great in the hand and is by no means a cheapy made light, as well as the TANK. I really feel I got my moneys worth on both.

Very nice write-up.

The illuminated switch is a killer touch.

Very nice review Richie!

I wasn't able to remove the driver to check out the soldering on the Diving Specialist, I just wasn't able to get it unscrewed. But I was able to snap a couple of photos. It's raining here tonight, so I'll have to post outdoor beams tomorrow night.

The threads are triangular-cut and smooth as silk nontheless.

I have the Hc-128 tank too ...I'm very impressed with the tint on it and the fact that the knurling on it is like a xeno/farka ..aggressive and well made . there is a sipik clone of it and it's pathetic hr-22??also a bryniyte?? same thing ..something to avoid . The Tank was one of my first lights and in an effort to copy it I bought the cheap copies none of which were even close .

I love the light on the switch ..like alpine green or panasonic blue :P

OP updated with beam shots.